Authentic Mexican in Shoreditch

I had the most tasty, fresh gorditas yesterday from ‘Gourmet Gorditas’ at The Horse and Groom on Curtain Road, Shoreditch.

But what are gorditas? I asked the same question. They are hand-made Mexican flatbreads stuffed with all kinds of fillings! The guys here do not use the word ‘stuffed’ lightly – they really are packed with filling and favour. They are also pretty healthy given the gordita is not fried — ┬áinstead it is grilled with a press, making them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

We chose the gordita platter, which are six mini gorditas to share, which was more than enough for two and allowed us to sample each of the flavours. They were the (1) 3 cheese gordita (2) pork gordita (3) chorizo gordita (4) chicken gordita (5) blackbean gordita and (6) steak gordita. My ultimate favourite was the slow cooked pulled pork in an orange and chilli marinade with a spicy pineapple chutney – absolutely on point. My friend also commented that the steak gordita was ‘divine”.

Accompanying the six gorditas were some sweet potato fries sprinkled with ancho chilli salt and served with chipotle mayo dipping sauce – these were seriously good and possibly THE best sweet potato fries I have had.

East London Girl (2)

The creators of Gourmet Gorditas are Pedro and Santiago, who are both from Mexico, so know what they are talking about.  I can see the popularity for their gorditas spreading quickly!


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