Fresh pizza, pasta and salad in Camden!

Tomatello is a pizza, pasta and salad stall located in the heat of Camden Market. They serve up freshly made pasta and salads made to order and also ready made hearty slices of pizza.

The stall’s chef was very fun and wanted to make sure we had a unique pasta dish each. Whilst we were waiting for him to cook we tried a slice of margherita pizza which was awesome. The chef cooked us up two portions of penne pasta; one with a creamy carbonara sauce (with some tomato) and chicken and bacon, the other with mixed veggies, tomato sauce and pesto sauce. Both pastas were served with focaccia bread and were very tasty, however, it was a little too oily for my taste (complete personal preference!) Perhaps if you’re also not an oil fan mention to the chef so that he doesn’t add too much! I’m sure he’d be happy to accommodate given they are freshly cooked.

Fresh pizza, pasta and salad in Camden!

For the pasta you can chose a base of penne or spaghetti and add various sauces ranging from Carbonara to Pesto – all pastas cost £7. Large pizza slices range from £3 for margherita to £3.50  for veggie or meaty pizzas. You can also create your own pizza or calzones from a selection of ingredients. At Tomatello you can also build your own salad for £6.50 from a counter full of fresh ingredients- restocked freshly each day. The portions are big for the price you pay making it good value for money.

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