School of Wok cookery class

What a fantastic 3 hour Japanese experience cooking class at The School of Wok in Covent Garden, found by chef Jeremy Pang 5 years ago.

On arrival we were offered beer, wine or a soft drink (loved the lychee and pomegranate juice!), put on our aprons, introduced ourselves to the group rating our cooking skills (rather low for me…) and stared at our large cleavers hoping we were not about to chop our fingers off!

The group size of 12 was absolutely perfect to see the demonstrations of different techniques for chopping and speak to one another if we had forgotten what to do! We prepared for the gyoza filling and the udon noodles – ginger, garlic, spring onions, peppers, mushrooms and more.

The gyoza making was probably my favourite bit – taking a bit of the filling and folding the dumpling into all sorts of pretty figures including plaits! I was impressed at how flavorsome they tasted.

We made our own chicken katsu sauce (definitely one I will try at home) and breaded the chicken ready to put into the oven.


On to the yaki udon noodles we were taught to create a “wok clock” with the ingredients at 12 o’clock the first to throw into the wok and so on. The end product was really tasty and actually quite simple to make.

All in all, the class was fun and interactive, there was plenty of food and alcohol and I would definitely recommend it!!

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