Wing Wing!

Wing Wing is a Korean inspired ‘Krispy Chicken Wing’ heaven which is located in between Russel Square and Euston. They claim to be ‘flipping the bird’ to all other competition and I think they might be right! The staff are so fun and friendly and the restaurant itself (which can seat a lot of people) looks amazing. They also have ‘self-filling’ pints of beer  which look cool and taste good too.

We decided to try a mix of the Signature Wings (soy garlic, hot and liquorice) which were crisped to perfection and brushed with a hint of sauce – the liquorice was my favourite with a little sweet kick to it at the end.  We also had the Katsu Bao which are two little deep fried bao buns filled with katsu chicken and crunchy kimchi coleslaw, these were great! The deep fried bao feels so naughty but they taste so good. Along with this we had the Calamari & Prawns – which were battered and deep fried. The calamari was soft and not at all chewy and the seasoning was great. For the sides we couldn’t resist the Onion Brick – which was pretty much a big chunky onion bhaji! You get two and be warned they’re huge…but delicious! We also had the Seaweed Fries – which are skinny fries seasoned with seaweed, they were OK but I couldn’t really taste the seaweed seasoning.


As if that wasn’t enough we were persuaded to have some deserts. We had the Strawberry Crème Bao Nuts – a deep fried bao (again!) this time stuffed with meringue and strawberry cream. It was delicious! Like a deep fried Krispy crème. Then we tried the Nutella Mars Bar – which is a Nutella mars bar sundae….you can’t go wrong with Nutella it was really tasty!

Wing Wing served up great tasting food in no time at all – it felt like a bit of an upmarket fast food place and I really enjoyed it. The prices are reasonable – six of their signature wings cost just £6.90 (summer promotion only £4.99!) and you can get a Katsu curry rice box for just £6.90 too. Highly recommended!

East London Girl: Wing Wing

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