Esca Italian Restaurant Clapham



Take a trip to Italy by visiting Esca Italian restaurant in Clapham! I have never felt so welcomed in such a warm and friendly restaurant with a real sense of community. Surrounded by Italians dining, you know you have found a authentic Italian restaurant, and with the sweet live acoustic  music you can easily forget you are still in London!

 Italian restaurant in Clapham

Italian restaurant in Clapham

Italian restaurant in Clapham


The menu consisted of traditional Italian food, so of course we had to try their Bruschetta for starters! There are three different options for toppings, but we chose the Parma Ham and Mozzarella. The bread used for the Bruschetta was so fresh and crispy, and there was such a generous amount of toppings it was overflowing onto the plate! The Parma Ham and Mozzarella was completed with a helping of tomatoes and fiery rocket.

We also had to try the Chicken Goujon Bites with a spicy harissa mayonnaise. The chicken was gorgeous, in bit sized chunks with a crispy coating. I couldn’t get enough of the harissa mayo – so creamy and tasty!

 Italian restaurant in Clapham

Italian restaurant in Clapham

Main Dishes

For main we opted for the Wild Boar Porcini Buccatini and Langoustine Linguine. Both dishes were so delicious we decided to share the meals and have half of each other’s! The Wild Boar was quite salty and just melted in the mouth.  The thick spaghetti-like pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente style, so the two really complimented each other.  I knew I was in for a treat with the Langoustine (which is also known as a slim, orange-pink Norway Lobster) Linguine, and it was so good! I love the presentation of this meal with two large Langoustines layered over the pasta – all I wish is that there were more on my plate as they tasted so good.

Italian restaurant in Clapham Italian restaurant in Clapham

Dessert Time

After our mains, our lovely waiter then brought over a slice of Chocolate Tart and a slice of Raspberry Tart for us to try. The Chocolate Tart was incredibly indulging and rich – so tasty but I’m glad I had someone to share it with. The Raspberry Tart was delicious, so soft and fluffy with plenty of fruit throughout.

Italian restaurant in Clapham

Italian restaurant in Clapham


Overall, not only did I enjoy the food here but the atmosphere, the people and the environment the staff have created was just fab. I have some family who lived out in Italy for 6 months and I immediately thought they need to come to Esca to visit as they’d love it! For any Italians holidaying in London, I reckon this is definitely a home away from home!

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