Hot Pot Chinatown Soho

Hot Pot has recently opened up in China Town, on Wardour Street. Hot Pot is a traditional Chinese meal where you have a big pot of broth in the middle of your table which you use to cook your meat and veg in. It’s a very social type of meal and encourages groups of friends to sit around for a few hours ordering lots of different dishes to share between the group.

The Mood
The restaurant has two levels, both with plenty of tables or booths – making it a very sociable setting. The decor is modern and very attractive, there’s also a botanical feature wall which is very pretty. It was decorated festively when we visited which made it look even more lovely. The staff were friendly and happy to explain the ins and outs of Hot Pot, what to order, and how to cook it! Each table has a hot plate in the middle making sure your broth is always up to temperature and you can control it too. There are multiple hot plates for larger tables making it easier for larger parties to also enjoy the Hot Pot and there’s also a private dining room which seats 8.
Hot Pot Soho Chinatown Restaurant
The Food
Although there is an a la carte menu serving up traditional Chinese and some Thai dishes, we obviously had to go for the Hot Pot! We opted for the Longevity Mushroom Broth and the HP’s Herbal Drunken Chicken Broth. You can have a split broth pot enabling you to have two different broths at the table. The mushroom broth had a lovely delicate flavour, can be made vegan friendly and is full of antioxidants and vitamin C too! The chicken broth had a lovely deep meaty taste, probably due to the fact it’s made using slowly simmered British free-range chicken.
Hot Pot Soho Chinatown Restaurant Hot Pot Soho Chinatown Restaurant Hot Pot Soho Chinatown Restaurant
For our accompanying dishes we had the Tofu Set which included strips of tofu, silken tofu and puffed tofu. All were really nice and I especially loved the puffed tofu, it soaked up the broth perfectly! We also had the Fresh and Healthy Vegetable Set which included sweetcorn, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage and lotus root. The veggies were all fresh and tasty and the big chunks of sweetcorn were a big hit! Finally we had the Angus Fillet Beef which came thinly sliced. It was good quality meat with great marbling and tasted great in both broths.
Hot Pot Soho Chinatown Restaurant
We also had the Thai Style Lemongrass Fried Chicken Wings and some Vegetable Spring Rolls which were both really tasty. The chicken wings had a great flavour and were really crispy and the spring rolls were tasty and packed full of veggies.
Hot Pot Soho Chinatown Restaurant
Hot Pot Soho Chinatown Restaurant
In Summary
We had a great time at Hot Pot, you can order as much or as little as you like and everything we had was really tasty and all good quality ingredients. The staff were lovely and made sure we had a good time – including recommending their favourite dishes and topping up the broth when it got too low. I’d recommend coming here to try out the Hot Pot and bring a group of friends it’s really fun to cook at the table together!
East London Girl: Hot Pot

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