Ben’s Canteen Restaurant in Clapham

Ben’s Canteen

Restaurant in Clapham

We had a Christmas feast at Ben’s Canteen restaurant in Clapham. For starters we tried the Xmas Karma Cola Croquettes. I absolutely love croquettes and these just did not disappoint! The Xmas in the title is because inside the crunchy breadcrumbs is braised ham with cheese and potato…so tasty! The Karma Cola comes from the most tastiest, sweetest dip that accompanied them – made up from Karma Coca Cola, ketchup and brown sugar!

restaurant in Clapham

The loaded fries on the menu are so epic and we opted for Xmas Loaded Roasties.  All I can say is WOW! Oh, and make sure you order one between two unless you have a huge appetite! Beautiful, freshly roasted potatoes, with ALL the trimmings including pork and Brussel Sprouts! If you are a sprout lover, you will be pleased to know they are actually cooked to perfection (meaning crunchy and not soggy!). If you are not a sprout lover, there are only a few sprinkled on top, so you can easily remove them and sneak them onto someone else’s plate. The Kimichi Fries were delicious too.

restaurant in Clapham restaurant in Clapham

The Burgers!

We tried their Awesome Veggie Burger, which was pretty awesome. A substantial amount of sweet potato complete with a kick of harissa within a crispy bun. If you love your meat, a real kick of spice, and lots of different flavours, then try the Korean Burger!

restaurant in Clapham Ben's Canteen restaurant in Clapham

The Bar

This really is a cute little restaurant in Clapham and definitely somewhere to go at the start of your night out. With great food, a fab atmosphere, friendly staff, and great music you can definitely get in the mood for a night out. We could not leave without trying one of their cocktails, and opted for the Krak Koffee Espresso Martini, which was gorgeous.

Ben's Canteen restaurant in Clapham

The Lowdown

A huge sign inside Ben’s Canteen says  “Hang out, Indulge, Have Fun” and this is exactly what you do when you are there.  It is a great place to eat out with friends and catch up over some awesome drinks!

East London Girl: Ben’s Canteen

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