Taste Film – a different kind of cinema experience!

A new way to watch what you eat is what Taste Film is all about.

Each month, there is a Taste Film showing which offers themed food served at different intervals – essentially the food matches the scene in the film you are watching! Pretty original actually.

Taste Film

We went along for one of my ultimate favourite films, Home Alone, and were served some fantastic festive treats.To start with we had champagne and canapés served airline style (on the way to Paris), followed by pepperoni pizza (and one with a vegan twist) (‘keep the change you filthy animal’ scene), truffle and mushroom mac n cheese (the last supper) and finally malted milk with cookies (treats for Santa on Christmas Eve).

Taste Film Taste Film Taste Film Taste Film

It was a fun experience and they are very accommodating with dietary requirements, which is great!

East London Girl: Taste Film


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