Guasacaca Mercato Metropolitano

Guasacaca Mercato Metropolitano

I love Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant and Castle and recently went back to visit Guasacaca  serving some of the tastiest Venezuelan food in London! This is exactly what I love about places like Mercato Metropolitano because you can come here and try something new every time. We had rounds of delicious food, each dish with different flavours but all so tasty.

Guasacaca Mercato Metropolitano

Round one – Tequenos (deep fried cheese sticks)
This was probably the most exciting of the rounds purely because we were given two very contrasting sauces. The first was Guasacaca’s signature sauce, guasacaca, which is made from avocado but less thick to make it a better consistency for dipping. The spicy cheese sticks combined with this sauce was a real savoury treat. Then we had the plain cheese sticks with a sugar cane and orange sauce and it became an indulgent sweet treat! I love how versatile these cheese sticks were and how extremely moreish they were too!

Guasacaca Mercato Metropolitano

Round two – Yuca Frita (cassava fries with guasacaca and habanero chilli sauce) & Tostones (toston cups filled with shredded beef, pico de gallo and llanero cheese)
All I can say is that these sides really blow the standard sides of chips and salad out of the water! These cassava fries were super thick, almost the thickness of a croquette rather than a chip and they were salty and left you craving more. The toston cups were savoury crispy plantain and were so tasty, filled with succulent beef.

Guasacaca Mercato Metropolitano

Round three – Arepas (stuffed gluten free corn pockets)
We decided to go for the £16 option where you can get 4 smaller sized arepas which means you get the opportunity to try ALL the fillings! The fillings are shredded chicken, shredded beef, roasted pork leg or the veggie option, black beans, fried plantain and llanero cheese. What I love about arepas is how crispy they are on the outside and how fluffy they are on the inside. The fillings in each one were full of flavour and we had and we had no trouble finishing the lot.

Guasacaca Mercato Metropolitano Guasacaca Mercato Metropolitano Guasacaca Mercato Metropolitano

As a Londoner I want to spread the word about Venezuelan food. It needs to be recognised as much as Mexican, Thai, Indian and all the other global cuisines us British love. With such a varied menu bursting with  flavour you are guaranteed to find something you love!

East London Girl: Guasacaca Mercato Metropolitano 

Mercato Metropolitano

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  1. That looked and sounded so good. I will have to visit there.

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