Centuno Restaurant in Highgate


Restaurant in Highgate

Centuno restaurant in Highgate offers an informal and relaxed setting for lunch and dinner. We were seated in a comfortable booth with plenty of space to spread out all the food that we wanted to order!

Centuno Restaurant in Highgate


The selection of starters at Centuno  included burrata, courgette fries and calamari, which are all of my favourites! As difficult as it was to turn those starters down, we opted for the Antipasti for two (£11) on the specials menu.

With homemade bread, baby buffalo mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, coppa salami, milano salami, prosciutto ham, rocket and mixed olives, it was a great selection. We particularly loved the bread which was served warm and drizzled in oil. Other oils were also available and so we added a little bit of chilli for an extra kick.

Centuno Restaurant in Highgate


The main offering at Centuno is their Neapolitan style pizza with eight varieties to choose from, as well as a couple of specials. Centuno use a flour blend obtained by milling selected tender grains of Italian origin with a stone-ground organic durum flour from Senatore Cappelli wheat to create the dough. This method definitely works as the pizza was thin, light and crispy – exactly how I love it.

We chose the Nduja with pepperoni and popponcini pepper and Sweet Verde: courgette, spinach and garlic base, sweet caramelised onions, goats cheese, smoked mozzarella, san marzanino tomatoes.

Centuno Restaurant in Highgate Centuno Restaurant in Highgate Centuno Restaurant in Highgate

Both pizzas were absolutely spot on with a great amount of topping without letting the consistency down. There was a huge amount of flavour and I loved Centuno’s creativity with the ‘green base’ Sweet Verde pizza.

With their pizzas priced at between £6 and £9, it really is great value for money for such good quality. I definitely recommend ordering some of the delicious dips as well. At just £1 each you can bag garlic butter, alioli and pesto mayo. They were brilliant for dipping crusts in!

Centuno Restaurant in Highgate

If you do not fancy pizza , Centuno offers a number of salads and three different pasta dishes, including two vegetarian options. We could not fit dessert in so will have to go back for their ‘Build you own Sundae’ offering!

Centuno restaurant in Highgate is absolutely worth a visit with lovely staff, excellent food and reasonable prices.

East London Girl: Centuno

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