Victoria Park Market

Victoria Park Market

How has it taken me almost 9 months to a visit Victoria Park Market which is only a short bus ride from my house?! Located in between Bonner Gate and Gore Gate, Victoria Park Market runs every Sunday from 10am-4pm with a number of local traders selling fruit and vegetables and meats and cheeses plus a great line up of street food stalls.

We visited a number of stalls and my jeans were bursting at the seams by the time I had finished munching away!

Piadina Project Victoria Park Market

What: Italian flatbread filled to the brim. with delicious fillings. Geographically protected, these piadina’s are the real deal all the way from Italy.

Recommend: The Friar – Italian flatbread, buttermilk fried chicken thigh, double american cheese, pancetta bacon, rocket, nduja mayo

Victoria Park Market

Price: £9 (grab those mozzarella nuggets for £4 too!)

Victoria Park Market

Salty Loins Victoria Park Market

What: Dipped pork connoisseurs

Recommend: Pork Steak Ciabatta plus chips n gravy (cheese optional) meal deal. Definitely need to go back for the baby back salt pork ribs too!

Victoria Park Market

Price: £9 for the meal deal

Meltsmiths Victoria Park Market

What: Bloomin’ great grilled cheese sandwiches

Recommend: There is nothing plain about ‘The Classic’ with mature cheddar, mozarella and onion jam. If you want a bit more spice go for the ‘Spicy Boy’

Victoria Park Market

Price: £5 (bargain!)

KraPow London Victoria Park Market

What: Northern Thai Street Food

Recommend:  Khao Soi (cocnut and curry flavoured noodel soup) or KraPow Moo (stir fried dish with pork, basil, chilies, onion and garlic

Victoria Park Market

Price: £8

A Pie Party Victoria Park Market

What: Sweet melt in your mouth pies

Recommend: Claire mixes it up every week with new pie treats. The blondie jammie dodger was fantastic but her new biscoff pie with a brownie base sounds epic

Price: £4

Victoria Park Market

Victoria Park Market

East London Girl: Victoria Park Market

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