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Given I am an East London Girl, I do not tend to venture West very often unless there is a good reason. Luckily, I can tell you that Pergola was definitely a great reason to visit Paddington. Also, I had not realised how lovely Paddington Canal was (where the new Daisy Green boat is) so I will have to return!

Pergola is a 5 minute brisk walk from Paddington tube station with clear signage upon the way. The entrance level is beautifully decorated with flowers around poles, long benches with plants on and generally has a laid back atmosphere. Sadly the heatwave a couple of weeks ago had rapidly declined to 10 degree weather so there was sadly no option to bask in the sun. Whilst there is a bar on the entrance level, the delicious street food is downstairs.

pergola bar in paddington pergola bar in paddington

Similarly decorated downstairs, there must have been enough seating for over 400 people! With another bar serving a selection of drinks including cocktails, and four food outlets, we were spoilt for choice.


  • The ever expanding Patty & Bun serving the popular Ari Gold and Smokey Robinson burgers
  • MAM Vietnamese – Bao’s, skewers and dumplings
  • Taco Time at DF Mexico
  • Canard – all items duck related!

We opted for the Steak and Chorizo Tacos: Grilled Steak, Soft Chorizo, Red Pepper Salsa, Avocado Mojo Salsa from DF Mexico and the crinkle fries and I was suitably impressed. Great flavours in the tacos, decent amount of filling but not overflowing and the Chilli Fries: Crinkle Cut Seasoned Fries, Chipotle Mayo were such so great and moreish.

pergola bar in paddington

The duck croquettes from Canard were unfortunately not what I was expecting – they tasted cheesy and you could not taste the duck. I thought they would be like brisket croquettes (but obviously duck) and with three (with two dips) costing £5, it wasn’t worth it for me.

Lastly, we also had the King Prawn Bao Buns (2) from MAM Vietnamese filled with Vietnamese pickles and greens. They were tasty but the bao to filling ratio was a little out, leaving a lot of sticky bao bun left over!

pergola bar in paddington


Definitely worth a trip to Pergola – with the lively atmosphere, good music and good selection of food vendors, you cannot really go wrong. I would recommend that you stick to wine, beer and spirits as the cocktails are nothing special and still around £8-9.

pergola bar in paddington

East London Girl:  Pergola Paddington

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