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Calling all rum lovers! Have you visited Cottons restaurant in Notting Hill yet? Did you know they serve 372 different rums in their bar/restaurant?! Well it’s true, and the Guinness Book of Records confirmed it this year. I absolutely love rum but sadly (and quite sensibly!) didn’t make it through all of them!

restaurant in Notting Hill restaurant in Notting Hill

The Drinks – aka RUM

On arrival I was served a gorgeous Jamaican Mule, which was delicious and refreshing, The rum in this cocktail was the Appleton Signature Blend, aged for about 4 years with citrus and woody notes. It is quite dry on its own, so fits perfectly as part of a delicious cocktail!

Next we tried the Appleton 12 in a Mai Tai which was powerful and delicious – exactly what you expect from a Mai Tai! According to the experts, the Appleton 12 is as close to the Wray & Nephew 17 Rum which was the rum that invented the Mai Tai.  I absolutely loved this blend of rum and it was not only great in a cocktail but really tasty to sip on its own.

restaurant in Notting Hill restaurant in Notting Hill

The Food at Cottons Restaurant in Notting Hill

After indulging in some wonderful drinks, we thought it best to try some of the Caribbean food. For starters we opted for the Peppered Prawns (with lime and paprika dressing and fried dumplings) and the Kidney Bean Kievs (with jerk mayo and a chilli pineapple sauce).

restaurant in Notting Hill restaurant in Notting Hill

We were absolutely blown away by the flavours on both starter.  Cooked and seasoned to perfection,  these were the perfect starters to whet our appetite for our mains! We particularly loved the dressing the prawns came in.

For mains, we ordered the Jerk Spatchcock Chicken with rice ‘n’ peas and a red cabbage, pineapple mango slaw. We also had the Braised Pork Belly & Jerk Pork Ribs with a potato gratin, coconut puree and callaloo.

restaurant in Notting Hill restaurant in Notting Hill

Now this food should come with a warning – it was so tasty and there was so much of it. I had a whole chicken on my plate which was extremely tender and the jerk sauce was incredible.  The pork belly and ribs were fantastic – again so tender and well marinated. The sweet potato side dish were some of the best I have had, with such a crunch on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside.

restaurant in Notting Hillrestaurant in Notting Hill


Caribbean cuisine is fantastic so I was happy that Cottons restaurant in Notting Hill did not disappoint. With a lively atmosphere, great quality food and super friendly staff, Cottons are on to a winner. Make sure not to miss out on the incredible bar where they have  hundreds of rums to order!

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