Baozilnn Restaurant in Chinatown


Restaurant in Chinatown

Boazilnn is an intimate restaurant in Chinatown serving authentic Northern Chinese street food. It was the first in London to offer all-day Cantonese Dim Sum with Sichuan and Hunan influences.  The name means “people’s canteen” and was founded by Barshu group who introduced Sichuan food to London diners over 12 years ago. The restaurant is in a lovely converted corner townhouse and is arranged over three floors with traditional artwork, lanterns and upholstery.

restaurant in Chinatown

The Menu

The Baozilnn menu features a range of regional Northern Chinese dishes which are hearty, comforting and affordable.  The menu is extensive, so there is something for everyone including meat and vegetarian options.

We started off the meal with Chengdu Style Dried Shrimp ‘Chang Fen’ (£4.50) which was served in delicious sauce which was the perfect level of spice. The Baozilnn Sesame Prawn of Toast (£4.50) were the best I have ever had with a delicious prawn tucked between the two halves.

restaurant in Chinatown restaurant in Chinatown

On to the dim – my favourite part!! We tried the (i) Sichuan Pepper Pork and Prawn ‘Shao Mai’ in Chilli Juice Pastry (£4.50) (ii)  Prawn and Chive Dumplings in Spinach Juice Pastry (£4.50) and (iii) Watercress Prawn Dumplings in Cumin Spice Pastry (£4.50). Baozilnn does not use MSG or superficial food flavouring or colouring for their beautiful dim sum. They are all dyed with natural fruit juices given them a vibrant colour! We absolutely loved the Pepper Pork and Prawn which had a great kick to it.

restaurant in Chinatown restaurant in Chinatown

The restaurant has also introduced Xiao Long Bao Soup Dumplings which are famous in Shanghai and all over China. Sadly they were so popular they were sold out but they look amazing!

restaurant in Chinatown

Finally, with just about enough room left in our stomachs we delved into the Dan Dan noodles (£10.80).  The dish consisted of vegetables, chilli oil, Sichuan pepper and minced pork served over noodles. Similarly to the other dishes, it had the perfect level of spice without being too overpowering. A great accompaniment to this dish is the Pak Choi with hints of garlic.

restaurant in Chinatown

To finish off an absolutely delightful meal we were presented with a mini matcha cake for dessert. The small things matter, so thank you Baozilnn!

restaurant in Chinatown


The motto at Baozilnn is “we strive to serve everyone wholeheartedly”, and that is exactly what they did! The selection of dishes was extensive, the food was flavoursome, adventurous and affordable, and the staff were lovely.

East London Girl: Baozilnn

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