Marriott Hotel: Gin Masterclass in London

Marriott Hotel West India Quay

Gin Masterclass in London

We were lucky enough to attend the launch of G & Tea’s all new Gin Masterclass in London, Canary Wharf. G & Tea Lounge, within the Marriott Hotel, is home to over 180 gins from both local microbreweries and classic brands.

gin masterclass in London

In this masterclass you are introduced to three very different gins. We had the Hayman’s Old Tom, the Seven Hills No.7 Italian Dry, and the Cambridge Distillery London Dry. What I love about gin tastings is learning the distinct differences in flavours and smells of the gins. These three were all very different and so made the experience really interesting as well as fun! I is also the ultimate way to find the gin for you.

gin masterclass in London gin masterclass in London

The Old Tom is my absolute favourite and not just because it’s the most boozy… The sweetness of this gin comes from liquorice rather than sugar and gives an intense warming in your throat.  Not only does this masterclass let you discover the right gin for you, it allows you to find the right garnish and amount of tonic to compliment. From strawberries to cucumber and citrus peels to olives, the table is beautifully decorated for you to make your perfect gin cocktail.

gin masterclass in London

Obviously you are not left alone to find the right combination of flavours! The masterclass is ran by a great team led by Head Bartender Pasquale Parascandolo. They talk you through the gins on offer, how they are made and encourage you to pick out smells and flavours.

gin masterclass in London

Each guest concludes their session with a Gin and Tonic.  For just £20 per head this gin masterclass is worth every penny!The classes run every last Thursday of the month at 6pm and 7pm and is a great activity for all gin lovers.

Book your class here: Gin Masterclass

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