Ping Pong Dim Sum in Soho

Ping Pong

Dim sum in Soho

Purveyors of yummy dim sum in Soho and great cocktails, Ping Pong have been on the scene for a while and have several branches across town.  We popped into the Soho branch to try the Lazy Sumday menu (£24.95, £35 with Prosecco). The best bit – it offers UNLIMITED dim sum – a perfect way to end your weekend!

Ping Pong Dim Sum in Soho


The Lazy Sumday menu offers the addition of a bottle of Prosecco (£35) but we opted for cocktails as Ping Pong offer a great range of their own creations.  We tried the Lychee & Roses Martini (£7.80), the Raspberry 7 Bourbon (£7.75) and the Lemongrass & Lime (£7.55).  The Raspberry and bourbon had a lovely strong flavour with a punch of fruitiness.  The other two were light refreshing and the flavours could just be detected. They were really great light cocktails that were not overpowering.
Ping Pong Dim Sum in Soho


The Lazy Sumday menu allows you to choose unlimited baos, buns and dumplings from the menu with items included marked with “LS”.  Much of the menu is included with only a few items excluded. This allows you to order a fairly wide selection!  We opted for:
-prawn toast
-potato and edamame cakes
-cantonese mushroom bun
-prawn & chive dumpling
-black prawn dumpling
-braised chilli aubergine rice pot
We could not fault any of the dishes.  The prawn toasts were fabulously crisp with juicy prawns accompanied by a spicy mango sauce for dipping. The mushroom bun was fluffy with a tasty mushroom filling – a good choice for veggies.
Ping Pong Dim Sum in Soho
The dumplings certainly did not disappoint! The prawn & chive encased in a bright green chive pastry was full of flavour.  The black prawn was a juicy fat dumpling with real bite.   Our rice pot had lovely soft aubergine with edamame and perfectly fluffed rice – a great combo of flavours and textures.
Ping Pong Dim Sum in Soho Ping Pong Dim Sum in Soho Ping Pong Dim Sum in Soho


Dessert is not included in the Lazy Sumday deal but we loved the look of the menu!  We tried the mochi (£1.95 for 1, £3 for 2)and the baked yuzu cheesecake (£4.55).  Mochi on the day was coconut flavoured – a tiny bite perfect if you are not in the mood for a heavy dessert but fancy a sweet finish.  The yuzu cheesecake has great texture and the apricot glaze was tasty. However, a further hit of yuzu would have been even better as I found myself searching for the flavour.
Ping Pong Dim Sum in Soho Ping Pong Dim Sum in Soho


The Lazy Sumday offered great value for the variety and selection of items available.  Much of the regular menu is included and there is wide range including nibbles, crispy and baked starters, dumplings, baos and rice pots and soup.
You get a real choice of dishes allowing for a proper feast of a brunch.  If you are looking for dim sum in Soho this is a great option for a group brunch outing.  If you fancy a Sunday away from the usual poached egg and avo offerings, we highly recommend trying a Lazy Sumday to indulge in.
East London Girl: Ping Pong
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