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What The Fattoush

Vegan food in London

What the Fattoush is currently serving up great vegan food in London at the very cool Pamela bar on Kingsland Road, Dalston. Serving up vegan Palestinian mezze, 10% of their profit is donated to Skate Pal, an organisation supporting young people in Palestine through skateboarding!

Pamela is a small attractive bar (with a Pamela Anderson theme!) with seating available at tables and also at the bar. With delicious vegan cocktails, beers, wines and spirits it’s already an established vegan hang out. We visited to try out What The Fattoush’s menu and we loved it!

vegan food in london

The Vegan Delights!

First we tried the Falafel (£7): crispy falafels with mint cashew cream and pink pickled turnips. Now you can get falafel anywhere, but this falafel was incredible! So crispy on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside. Packed full of flavour and the cashew cream was delicious too.

vegan food in london

Then we tried some Pally Puffs (£7): light and fluffy chickpea balls with Muhammara and fresh green chillies. This was an interesting one and hard to describe! Like little chickpea clouds, crispy and fluffy, on a bed of spicy Muhammara. Either way, it was really tasty! One of our favourite dishes was the Batata Harare (£6.50): spiced sautéed potatoes with zhoug (green chilli sauce). This was just carb heaven full of flavour and perfectly cooked.

vegan food in london

A dark horse indeed was the Roast Squash & Crispy Sage (£6): finished with toasted almonds and a tahini dressing. I expected it to be a bit bland but still healthy…but it was delicious! Soft flavoursome squash with the toasted almonds were a great combination. So good!

vegan food in london

More Food!

Finally, we had the Trio of Dips & Palestinian Olive Oil with Arabic bread (£8.50).The dips were: Mutabbal (spicy aubergine) Muhammara (red pepper, walnut and pomegranate molasses) & Hummus. They were all delicious, the kind of dips you need extra bread for because you need to finish them all! The hummus was smooth and creamy, the Mutabbal was packed full of flavour and the Muhammara had a great kick to it. The Palestinian olive oil was also really great, so tasty I didn’t feel guilty I was eating pure oil!

vegan food in london

Even though we were fit to burst, the sound of the desert was too good to refuse! The Balah El Sham (£7.50): Middle Eastern churros with an orange blossom infused dark chocolate dipping sauce. Oh my! So delicious! Crispy cinnamon rolled churros with a rich dark chocolate sauce. It was divine and I want to go back just for that!

vegan food in london

Great staff, great food, great drinks and a great cause – we would highly recommend to people looking for great vegan food in London!

East London Girl: What The Fattoush

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