Norris’s Bar in Piccadilly


Bar in Piccadilly

Norris’s is a new bar in Piccadilly offering Italian cuisine all day and a fantastic space for client meetings, after work drinks and date night.  The USP of this gorgeous bar is the evening entertainment provided by two pianists. The music is curated by Matt Wycliffe from Jersey Boys ‘The Commitments’ and created a lovely atmosphere.

bar in piccadilly restaurant in piccadilly

The Cocktails

There are ten signature cocktails available (£9-12) as well as all of the classics. We loved the Bloody Delicious (awesome name!) with Tanqueray, Blood Orange Solerno Liquor, Cherry Liquor and Elderflower Tonic which was a refreshing Spritz cocktail. The Rattlesnake was a whiskey sour with an absinthe rinse which wasn’t as strong as it sounds!

bar in piccadilly

Classic we moved on to an Old Fashioned and Porn Star Martini and were similarly impressed. Whilst sipping on the cocktails, we also shared a delicious charcuterie board with fresh meats, cheeses and olives.

bar in piccadilly bar in piccadilly


Spread over two floors with vintage Italian artwork on the walls, Norris’s bar is a great place to spend the evening listening to the pianists and drinking cocktails!

bar in piccadillybar in piccadilly

East London Girl: Norris’s

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