La Belle Assiette Private Chef in London

La Belle Assiette

Private Chef in London

La Belle Assiette is an online platform that allows you to book your very own private chef in London. They have nearly 400 active chefs working across the UK with menus at 3 price ranges: £39pp (temptation), £59pp (prestige), and £89pp (signature). The chefs, their profiles, reviews and menus are all available online for you to salivate over before making your pick!

When hosting dinner parties we often find that at least one of us has to run off mid- conversation to check on the dinner and is up and down from the dinner table during one course preparing the next! La Belle Assiette takes that worry away and allows you and your guests to enjoy some great food cooked by experienced chefs in your own home.

The Temptation Menu

Our chef, Pat, contacted us during the week of the booking to provide us with two options of cuisines and to enquire as to dietary requirements. We chose traditional Thai cuisine (being avid fans) and were provided with a menu in advance of the dinner party.

On the evening, Pat arrived and got straight to work. He was not fazed by our open plan kitchen or what can only be described as basic cooking equipment (!) and it was great to learn about his background and experience whilst the food was prepared. Once our guests arrived, Pat blended seamlessly into chef mode and allowed us to play host whilst he worked his magic.

private chef in london private chef in london

Pat cooked a delicious meal consisting of:

  • Amuse Bouche: Miang – pomelo and herbs served on betel leaf (which was flavoursome with quite a kick!);

private chef in londonp private chef in london

  • Main courses (sharing):
    • Issan style corn fed chicken curry with assorted local vegetables, dill and hot mint;
    • Stir fried long aubergine with preserved yellow beans and Thai basil;
    • Salad of grilled prawns, pomelo, young coconut and herbs with chilli jam dressing;
    • Gai Yang – grilled chicken leg served with nam tok sauce
    • Jasmine rice.
  • Dessert: Chilled Tapioca, cantaloupe, melon, coconut milk

private chef in london private chef in london private chef in london private chef in london

Pat explained each course as it was served and it was great to hear directly from the chef! He also cleared up as he went so we were left with very little to do!


If you are looking for a private chef in London for dinner parties or special occasions, this is the company to go through! The communication throughout was great and it was a real treat having someone to cook for you. However, I am not sure I would pay more than £39pp for eating in my own home. That said, it may be because we are in a small London flat!

East London Girl: La Belle Assiette

Photos: Sarka Photo

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