Ceder’s Non Alcoholic Gin

Ceder’s Launch at Hawksmoor

Non Alcoholic Gin

I was surprised to read online that recent research published by BMC Public Health has found that more than 25% of people aged 16-24 class themselves as non-drinkers. This is surprising in the context of how I grew up but is a welcoming shift in attitude. Ceder’s non-alcoholic gin has entered the market to offer a good quality alternative to alcohol.

South Africa and Sweden come together

Ceder’s non-alcoholic gin was created by husband and wife team Craig Hutchinson and Maria Sehlstrom. The brand originates from the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa’s Western Cape where Craig and Maria first came up with the idea.  The valley, which they now co-own, inspired them to distill classic gin and exotic. Craig’s South African influence has been combined with Maria’s Swedish heritage and the distilled botanicals are blended with ancient and pristine Swedish water.

non alcoholic gin

The Range

Ceder’s offers a range of three non-alcoholic gins:

  1. Classic. This is most akin to a classic gin with a flavours of juniper, coriander, geranium. It is ideally served with premium tonic with a lemon and rosemary garnish
  2. Wild. This contains juniper, ginger, clove and rooibos giving a spicy finish and is ideally served with premium tonic with pink grapefruit and basil garnish
  3. Crisp. Made with juniper, citrus, cucumber and camomile, it is ideally served with premium tonic, sliced cucumber and mint to finish

During our evening, the versatility of the brand shone through in the different cocktails that we sampled.

non alcoholic gin non alcoholic gin

Why Ceder’s

You no longer have to be disappointed with the bland, stereotypical soft drinks on offer! You can now enjoy a sophisticated drink with your friends without having to compromise on flavour or ingredients. Ceder’s is a perfect  drink to feel special without that dreaded hangover.

Find Ceder’s in Sainsbury’s and Tesco for £20. Hawksmoor (where we had our event) and Bill’s restaurant have also started serving this delightful non alcoholic gin!

.non alcoholic gin

East London Girl: Ceder’s Alt Gin

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