Baby Bao Restaurant in Piccadilly

Baby Bao

Restaurant in Piccadilly

The newly opened Baby Bao restaurant in Piccadilly serves up a selection of  Taiwanese steamed bao buns, sides and a great selection of craft beers and cocktails.  The restaurant has a  wood finish and an adorable sleepy panda logo on the wall in neon lights! The staff are friendly, helpful and a lot of fun which always makes a difference.
restaurant in piccadilly

Steamed Buns and Sides

From the steamed bun selection we tried the Roast pork belly with hoisin, peanuts, cucumber, scallion (£6) the Fried chicken with pineapple, gochujang mayo, pickled daikon, coriander (£6) and the Mushroom with sweet n’ sour, miso mayo, crispy shallots, scallion, pickled carrot (£5.50).
restaurant in piccadilly restaurant in piccadilly restaurant in piccadilly
All of the buns were seriously great. The mushrooms were chunky, full of flavour and so juicy! The fried chicken was crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside and we loved the flavour combination with the pineapple. The roast pork belly was delicious, well cooked and so satisfying.
From the side dishes we had the Fried squid: served with a radish salad & ssamjang – a fermented soybean and chilli paste. (£7) and the Corn & nori poppers: crispy fried nuggets of corn seasoned with seaweed  (£5).  The corn poppers were crispy on the outside and goey on the inside. The fried squid was cooked perfectly and the ssamjang packed a punch.
restaurant in piccadilly restaurant in piccadilly
They also offer some Gluten Free lettuce wraps so I tried the Grilled Tofu: with hoisin, peanuts, cucumber, scallion (£5). The tofu didn’t work for me – it was a bit dry and very smoked but perhaps that is personal preference.


Baby Bao is a fantastic restaurant in Piccadilly offering delicious bao buns at reasonable prices. We would recommend them all – they were delicious.
East London Girl: Baby Bao
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