Cocotte Restaurant Notting Hill

Being a huge food lover but also trying to be healthy in January can be really tricky at the same time/ Well I was very happy and surprised when I visited Cocotte in Notting Hill because I could continue my healthy eating streak.

Cocotte Restaurant Notting Hill

The Lowdown

Cocotte is a healthy chicken brasserie and the smell of beautiful roasted and succulent chicken hits you the moment you arrive through the door. There were lots of tasty but healthy meals on the menu – many different salads from quinoa to kale and from broccoli to the more traditional Caesar. We opted to share half a chicken, the Nini’s Salad (broccoli, mangetout, green beans, basil & mushrooms) with roasted sweet potatoes, carrots and butternut squash. Although I was supposed to be on my “health streak” I did cave in when I saw the truffle mac and cheese on the menu so naturally we ordered that as well. Luckily it’s quite small and comes in a cute miniature casserole style dish – perfect for sharing!

Cocotte Restaurant Notting Hill Cocotte Restaurant Notting Hill Cocotte Restaurant Notting Hill

The chicken was so succulent and tasted as good as it smelt. We also ordered all the sauces that were on the menu and I have to say each one was as good as the previous. If I had to pick two favourites I would choose the garlic mayo and the spicy sauces. Having two sides plus a salad with our chicken was perfect but if you’re super hungry I would probably order a half chicken just to yourself!

Cocotte Restaurant Notting Hill Cocotte Restaurant Notting Hill

With such a healthy main you have the room to indulge in dessert!

We were (again) slightly naughty when it came to drinks and dessert at Cocotte. We chose the Collins Spritz, the Tarassita and the Dark n Stormy which were fab cocktails.

Cocotte Restaurant Notting Hill

For dessert we shared the chocolate and hazelnut tart and the Green Tea and Chocolate Mochi (Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice) which were tasty.

Cocotte Restaurant Notting Hill Cocotte Restaurant Notting Hill


I loved Cocotte and will be spreading the word to West Londoners. It is so nice to have a restaurant  offering really great food but healthy too!!

East London Girl: Cocotte

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