Who is East London Girl?

East London Girl

Restaurants and Bars in London

Nicola (30 years young)

Who is East London Girl?

I am the creator of East London Girl working full time as a lawyer but have always had a passion for writing and exploring!

I started East London Girl in April 2016 with the aim of recommending restaurants and bars all around London. I try to make it easier to navigate around London by separating the city into different areas. I love what I do – I am so excited to meet different business owners, understand their strategy and obviously try the food and drink!

I only add restaurants and bars to my blog that I rate (with some caveats occasionally) as I don’t believe in negative publicity that can affect a business. I deal with that behind closed doors. So this is a ‘GO TO’ blog!

I am lucky to work with Lou, Fay and Barinder who have now joined me on my ELG adventure. It is so good to have them on board! Who is East London Girl?

Lou (30 years young)

Who is East London Girl?

I am a vegan foodie and animal lover, particularly my cat Zeke who is the love of my life! I love yoga, cooking and baking but more than anything I love being out and about in the best city in the world! I work in the world of finance so food blogging is a great escape for me – the best thing about it is getting to try new foods from all around the world and getting to meet some great people.

 Fay (28 years young)

Who is East London Girl?

I am a food enthusiast with a love for horse riding, going to the gym, the theatre and spending time with my family and friends. By day I work for an animal welfare charity and by night I’m a food blogger! My favourite thing about blogging (as well as eating the food!) is taking creative photos, meeting new people and finding areas in London I didn’t even know existed!

Barinder (32 years young)

Who is East London Girl?

I am a pescatarian foodie and passionate baker who loves whipping up sweet treats.  I work full time in mental health so joining the ELG team and trying a mega range of dishes, meeting fellow food lovers & exploring London is a real creative outlet for me!  It is so great to be able to try out and recommend fantastic restaurants and bars in London.

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