Flesh and Buns

Izakaya pub-style venue serving steamed buns with meat or seafood fillings, small plates, tasting menus and UNLIMITED FOOD AND DRINK BRUNCH.

Clearly, I decided to try out the “boozy brunch” that Flesh and Buns offers on a Sunday. You have two choices: £39pp or £46pp – the difference with the £46 menu is that you can order the small dishes from either menu and it is unlimited. Further, you get more choice on the “buns” section, including steak and duck.

The small dishes range from sushi to vegetables, korean chicken wings and squid. As I mentioned, you can try as many as you like.

You then choose one “flesh and bun” each – they are a decent size – I ordered a flat iron steak and it was a whole steak sliced up and you then put your bun together. Other flesh and bun choices are sirloin steak, duck and salmon.

Flesh and Buns

The dessert is then a chocolate fondant with biscuits and marshmallows which you cook over a charcoal fire!

Flesh and Buns

Not only do you receive unlimited prosecco but you also receive a welcome drink of a strawberry bellini or a bloody mary. My glass of prosecco did not fall below the half way line for the entire 2 hour sitting.

Highly recommended and I don’t even eat sushi!

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