Pizza Buzz

Coming from a girl who has to sometimes pick off mushrooms and onions from pizza, this concept is right down my street – BUILD YOUR OWN PIZZA.

Pizza Buzz is situated on Worship Street in Shoreditch and the concept is that you start with a margherita base for £4.95 and then add your toppings as you go along, split into cheeses, meats, vegetables and more. If you can’t decide, Pizza Buzz makes your life a little easier with some of its own choices.


The restaurant also offers salads, alcohol and a soda machine which has varieties of each drink such as spirte zero cherry, fanta zero vanilla and so so many more! Makes a change from your basic choices.

The interior is pretty funky but I decided to take away given the sun was shining.


The pizza cooks in under five minutes so there aren’t any long waits in a short lunch period. I had the spicy sausage pizza and a drink for £10. The pizza was lovely and thin – my only criticism would be to make the sausage spicier!


Bottomless brunches for £29.95 are also on offer!