Steam & Rye

This bar / restaurant says it is inspired by 1920s American and tries to replicate these through a themed dining bar with cabaret dancers and live music.

The cocktail menu was pretty inventive – I had a cocktail which came with a twister lolly, oreo and marshmellow.


For dinner we had burgers (one with pulled pork and one with chilli, although note this means jalapenos and not chilli con carne) with a side of mac and cheese. Tasty and filling. Overall, the service was pretty good and a band placed twice throughout the night. It is quite a loud venue if you are just going for dinner but looks as if it will turn into a good night out (open until 2am some nights).

TIP – keep an eye out for offers midweek. I went on a Wednesday and received 50% off for ladies night  (only exclusions were steaks, lobster and and champagne).  They also offer 241 cocktails some nights and deals on all you can eat.


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