“Nicola has been a pleasure to work with and really helpful in spreading the word about our business. She took a genuine interest in our offers and what we do and we have developed a great professional relationship over time. She has helped us with a blog post as well as running a competition – both were delivered smoothly, efficiently and in a timely manner.” Morgane Maurice, Social Media Manager, Trapeze Bar, Shoreditch

We loved collaborating with Nicola as we have similar foodie followers. It was easy to organise our competition with her and would love to do similar activities together in the future” Justine Cather, Founder, Whirld Sweets

“Nicola is a true foodie that has a true flair for finding London’s best hidden gems! It’s an absolute delight to read her well written blog and scrolling down her stunning Instagram pictures. I am incredibly happy with her service as she not only wrote an amazing review for B’acino but she also went the extra mile by introducing us to other bloggers. I would definitely recommend any restaurant to work with her!   Romain Renoux, Marketing Manager, B’acino Wine Bar

It was a real pleasure to welcome Nicola at Papilles. She was really lovely and took great interest into our business. Her article on her blog was very complimentary, very well written and was shared by many. Her assistance was really good.  Through her many contacts on Instagram, she did put us in touch with another blogger who was of great influence, and helped us to reach even more potential customers.Anne, Manager, Papilles Wine Bar

“Nicola’s (East London Girl) very interesting and truly inspirational Instagram page caught my attention from the first time I found it. When I found her blog I realised I really liked her approach towards food and I was very happy when she so gladly accepted to come in and visit our new kitchen in Craft Beer & Co’s Limehouse pub. She showed interest in the pub and menu and I especially loved the fact that it looked like they were really enjoying the food. I am very thankful for her honest and positive review and her great photos of my food on social media. I am sure that she will keep up the good work and I hope that she’ll keep enjoying good food around the city.Pete Kastanis, Head Chef at the Craft Beer & Co Limehouse

“Eastlondongirl is a simple but effective blog for attracting more customers for your venue. Nicola did not only mention our Happy Hours and sister locations, but also included great pictures of the venue, our cocktails and some of our food selection. The names of the cocktails and platters were mentioned in the post which makes it easier for future customers to know what they could order without having to find the website for menus. Nicola – lovely girl, fab blog!” Renata Veszelovszka, General Manager at Patch Bar East 

“I very much enjoyed meeting Nicola King recently. She is very knowledgeable about food, wine, restaurants and bars. I think that her EastLDNGirl blog is an excellent guide to eating in London both for people arriving in London and those that have been here for a while. I particularly like the way it is categorised by area. We were delighted and honoured that she has included The Jones Family Project and rated our rump steak as the best she’s ever had.” Anna Watts, Co-Founder The Jones Family Project

“Nicola (East London Girl) was incredibly friendly and gracious in her approach, quick to respond and brought a positive voice and perspective to her review of our services. She made her presence at our place of business public and engaging on all social media platforms, and covered the aspects of her experience thoroughly. She was a pleasure to work with.” Adrienne Katz Kennedy, PR and Events Coordinator, School of Wok

“It was a real pleasure to have Nicola at The Exhibit. She was an absolute delight from the start and has done a great job in promoting our venue. Her blog is executed perfectly and her passion for all things London is exciting to follow. Her pictures showed off our brunch menu and her writing was clear and concise. She is always welcome back at The Exhibit.” Lola Bushby, The Exhibit Bar

“Nicola (East London Girl) was great to work with. Communication was excellent – friendly and quick to respond. The review was well written, detailed and informative, and accompanied by great pictures which captured the dishes well. The review was shared on multiple social media platforms which we really appreciated, in addition to the multiple additions to Instagram – 2 posts, as well as in Instagram story. Nicola portrayed the restaurant perfectly, as well as mentioning our other branches. This was a really great collaboration and we hope to have her visit us again soon!” Lauren Sarembock, Marketing Assistant Bob’s Cafe

“Interesting questions, excellent food curiosity and adventurous spirit: our meeting with East London Girl gave us a chance to learn more about the food blogging word and to understand better how we can reach London foodies who are not familiar yet with our traditional Sicilian recipes and our rich History. This experience is a well-remembered page in our diary and we hope to stay in touch for future food companionships. Well done Nicola and her team!” Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen

“Nicola and her team have been wonderful to work with and their write up on Esca Clapham was perfect. We look forward to collaborating with them more in the future”. Joanna and Esther, Social Media Managers, ECO Group