Top 5 pizza in London!

Pizza Union have opened a new branch of the popular pizza chain just moments away from Aldagte East!

I absolutely rate their pizzas for quality and for price – they start from ONLY £3.95, what an absolute bargain! Chilled dining with no table service – just get in the queue, order your pizza and  receive a device that buzzes when your pizza is ready!

We had the ROSSA –  Mozarella n’duja spicy sausage and pancetta bacon (£5.95) and the CARNE – mozarella, chicken, beef, pepperoni, onions and rosemary (£6.50).

East London Girl.jpeg

Absolutely delicious and I left a couple of slices for lunch the next day, mainly because I decided to try their signature dessert DOLCE, a warm dough ring with nutella and mascarpone (£3.20) which was absolutely DELICIOUS!!



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