You’ve just been poked!

The new trend that seems to be emerging in London is Poké; a raw fish salad eaten in Hawaii. This week I visited Ahi Poké, just a five minute walk from Tottenham Court Road Station, to try some out for myself!

At Ahi Poké you can chose from their four signature bowls (Sweet Green, Heat Wave, Oahu & Venice) or you can build your own. You start with a base of brown rice, quinoa, kale or noodles, then add your fish or veggies, sauce and toppings.

Here are our combinations for some inspiration: I had a mixed quinoa and rice base, topped with salmon and avocado. I added edamame, kimchee cucumber and carrot and had the sesame shoyu sauce. My friend had a noodle base with ahi tuna, shrimp and avocado – also with sesame shoyu sauce and fried onion, edamame, coriander and cashew nuts.  They were like beautiful bowls full of summer!  Both the salmon and tuna were perfection, the sauce was delicious and all of our toppings went well together. We had some tasty ice tea from Virtue to wash it all down and cookies too (of course!)

East London Girl

The staff were lovely and the interior is fresh out of Hawaii with a modern minimalist vibe, it’s a great little place. All of their fish comes from sustainable sources and they also use 100% biodegradable packaging which is really great. The bowls range from £5.95 to £9.95 (and extra for premium toppings like avocado) and you really get your money’s worth. We left feeling full and healthy!

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