2 Veneti – An Authentic Italian in the Heart of London

2 Veneti Italian restaurant

Have an Anniversary Coming Up?

What a beautiful, quaint and romantic little Italian restaurant 2 Veneti is, and to top off the staff make you feel so welcomed that this is certainly a place for a special occasion! Set in a quiet road, 2 Veneti is just a stroll away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Circus and I was very excited to dine in a true authentic Italian restaurant with no Spaghetti Bolognese or garlic bread in sight!!

2 Veneti Italian restaurant Marylebone

A True Passion for Food

Being a food blogger it’s obvious I have a passion for food, and unfortunately some restaurants I’ve visited in the past, the staff don’t always seem to share that passion. Well the staff here couldn’t be more passionate! Recommendations on what to try really came from the heart and they took great delight in explaining how the chef cooks certain meals in specific ways to get the most flavour out of them. It really added to the experience!

The Food Itself!

Sipping on our Aperol Spritz’s, we decided to take the waiter’s recommendation and try the Scallops to start and the Pan Fried Goats Cheese with Mixed Peppers.  These gorgeous round pieces of fish literally melted in my mouth and were seasoned to perfection and tasted great with the extremely soft mash served underneath. The generous serving of Goats Cheese was so rich and creamy – a cheese lover’s delight! As Goats Cheese can be a bit much on its own, this restaurant really hit the balance with the roasted mixed peppers to accompany it. A delicious and flavoursome dish, not to mention beautifully presented!

2 Veneti Italian restaurant Marylebone 2 Veneti Italian restaurant Marylebone 2 Veneti Italian restaurant Marylebone

For Mains, we had Baby Ravioli filled with Cheese Fondue and Truffle with Cream of Porcini Mushrooms. Another cheese lover’s delight, especially when parmesan was grated on top as an extra! This was a very rich meal but cheese and pasta are two of my favourite things so I thoroughly enjoyed it! We also had Grilled Beef “tagliata” with Sautéed Potatoes, black Olives and Roasted Peppers. The beef was cooked medium-rare and was so tender, succulent and juicy.

2 Veneti Italian restaurant Marylebone

2 Veneti Italian restaurant Marylebone

This Place Nails it Every Time

One of my pet hates when ordering ice cream or sorbet is that when it arrives on your table it’s already half-melted. After having such a heavy (but OMG cheesy!) main, I opted for some refreshing Lemon Sorbet. Well as the heading describes, this restaurant must agree with how I like my ice cream (or sorbet) as on my plate in front of me were 3 perfect and completely frozen snowballs of Lemon Sorbet! Another recommendation from our waiter was the Tiramisu so we had to give this a try as well. It was a perfect blend of crunchy chocolate shell with soft layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese.  Sometimes a Tiramisu can be a little soggy and disappointing but the way in which the chef prepares the Tiramisu here, there is no chance of that happening!

2 Veneti Italian restaurant Marylebone 2 Veneti Italian restaurant Marylebone


This is a stunning and romantic restaurant, extremely friendly and kind staff, and a chef who really cares about the quality of food served. Book this restaurant for a special occasion with a loved one or close friend and you won’t be disappointed.

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