Sheba Brick Lane

Working so close to Brick Lane, I can’t turn down a cheeky Friday lunchtime curry. I checked out Sheba Brick Lane and tried a selection of dishes.

We had the Prawn Chaat Puri  cooked with fresh herbs and chat masala served in desi fried bread, CHICKEN XACUTI  chicken, coconut milk, yoghurt and fairly
hot spices which is perfect for someone who loves korma but wants a little more spice in their life.

We also tried a selection of vegetarian side dishes of TARKADAAL  Traditional lentil curry infused with garlic and dry chilli, BHINDI BHAJI Okra sautéed with onions and light spices and an absolutely delicious BOMBAY ALOO, a fairly hot spiced potato dish. Oh and not to forget a peshwari naan!

Restaurants in London.jpeg




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