Gelato in Camden!

Marine Ices is located in Camden near Chalk Farm station and just round the corner from Camden Market. They serve up tasty Italian gelato and have been since 1931…that must be why it’s so good!

There’s plenty of seats in this well decorated ice cream parlour, and there’s even a lovely little ‘terrace’ room which feels like you’re stepping into a little Italian terrace.

There’s a vast menu at Marine Ices, with lots of lovely gelato and sundaes to try. The staff patiently waited whilst we poured over the menu and we eventually settled on a Chocolate Brownie Sundae: dark & white chocolate gelato, warm brownie chunks, caramel sauce. This was a hefty sundae! The fudgey gooey brownie was really delicious and the ice cream and sauce were the perfect combination. We also tried a couple of scoops of the gelato from the counter: Coconut Ruffle and Ferrari Rocher. Both super tasty, creamy and satisfying!

For just £2.40 for a scoop of gelato, £4.00 for two scoops and £5.50 for three scoops, Marine Ices is a bargain! Definitely check them out if you’re in Camden, even if its a classic London grey day you can slip into Italy and eat your gelato inside.

Gelato in Camden

East London Girl: Eat, Drink and Dance in London 


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