The Kitchens at Old Spitalfields Market


The Kitchens

Old Spitalfields Market has launched “The Kitchens” in the centre of the market floor. Featuring ten local and independent traders with more to be added in the forthcoming months, we checked the newbies out.

Flank London

Specialising in beef cookery over open fire, we loved the Smoked Tamworth Sticky Kalbi Ribs. Two HUGE and messy ribs with oyster glaze, smoked onion, roast pistachio and coriander. Definitely a winner at the Kitchens in Old Spitalfields Market.

Old Spitalfields Market

Dumpling Shack

As the name suggests, the staple dish are dumplings but they also offer home made dan dan noodles. The Pork and Leek Pan fried soup dumplings aka the Shengjianbao were pretty fantastic.

Old Spitalfields Market

Berber and Q

Berber and Q focuses on flavours and ingredients from the Middle East and North Africa. We loved the Lamb Mechoui, blackened chilli sauce and bread & butter pickles on flatbread.

Old Spitalfields Market

Yum Bun

All about the bao buns at Yum Bun! The pork belly bao is pretty great!

Old Spitalfields Market


Burmese inspired dishes – the Coconut Noddles with chicken was a hefty portion with the perfect amount of spice.

Old Spitalfields Market

Taberna Mercado

With Portugese heritage, the sandwiches Taberna Mercado offer are epic. The Prego Beef in sourdough with a light drizzle of olive oil was amazing.

Old Spitalfields Market

Some really amazing traders at The Kitchens at Old Spitalfields Market and well worth checking out!

East London Girl: The Kitchens

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