I moved to London in 2012 starting off in New Barnet and then spent the next two years in Angel and Highbury and Islington, which was amazing. A year and half ago I moved to East London – E3 to be precise (for all of you Dizzee Rascal fans out there, he made a song called Bow E3!).
Being in Bow has opened my eyes to a number of places in East London: Victoria Park Village, London Fields, Hackney Wick to name but a few.
To state the obvious, London is a vast place and I was overwhelmed as a 23 year old living here for the first time and I spent a long time researching where to eat, drink and dance (EDD). I found a number of websites useful in this respect but struggled to find one place where I could find out information and views on EDD. After years of research, I wanted to impart my knowledge of London to more people. 
I really hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on EDD in London in all areas! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me on eastlondongirl123@gmail.com


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