ABQ Hackney

Immersive Cocktail Bar in London

A RV van in Hackney Breaking Bad style. Now that is definitely original and that is what we call ABQ!  Created by Lollipop, the guys behind The Bletchley, ABQ is the more chilled out East London immersive cocktail bar in London, Hackney. We visited when it was nearer Hoxton but it is now part of a Hackney Funhouse, where you will also find Saint Pizzeria and Dear Sunny, their Espresso Martini bar.

Immersive cocktail bar in London  Immersive cocktail bar in London 

The Concept

The concept is simple – you ‘cook’ up some cocktails with yellow boiler suits on, masks and goggles. Think dry ice, syringes and ‘explosions’. A pretty great concept, fun and interactive. They could do with some more staff to help with guiding the making of cocktails but they fill gaps with shots which you clearly can’t complain about!

Immersive cocktail bar in London 

We started off with a Wendy Martini: vodka, passoa, passionfruit and prosecco, dry ice fusion of vanilla and white chocolate bubbles (which I did enjoy blowing!) which is a sharing cocktail.

Immersive cocktail bar in London  Immersive cocktail bar in London 

Individual cocktail wise we had

  • CRT Fix: Gin, elderflower, lime, cucumber and mint infused with thyme and rosemary]
  • Ruby: fennel infused gin, betaone shrub, lemon juice, rhubarb syrup and peychauds with ginger extract
  • Ted: Whiskey, maraschino, thyme and ginger, dark fruit shrub and lime with hibiscus hydrosole air.

Immersive cocktail bar in London 


It was great making the cocktails and just a different experience to the norm. At £32.50 for a welcome cocktail and two hours in the RV including the cooking / infusing of  2 cocktails, it is good value (now updated to £36). Oh not to mention the fantastic rnb and hip hop music that goes with it! Recommended for a fun immersive cocktail experience in London.

ABQ cocktail bar east london

East London Girl: ABQ London

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