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Aster is a modern British brasserie and bar in Victoria which is absolutely gorgeous inside. It’s classy and contemporary, with huge windows, earthy, natural colours throughout, marble bar tops and tables, and modern lighting hanging above the bar and tables. The service is great too, which makes for a fantastic experience.

bar in victoria

The Drinks

The drinks menu features an extensive selection of wine (by the glass or bottle), alongside a great range of spirits, a handful of beers, softs and cocktails.

Aster has also just launched a new limited edition cocktail menu, the Aster Adventure. Basically, a journey around a London, it features a variety of colourful and London curated cocktails, each inspired by famous historical moments or individuals. It is incredibly creative and different. Surrounding the tube map at the centre of the menu are 11 new cocktails all with so much thought, history and creativity behind them.

bar in victoria

The Aster Adventure

The ‘SW1 Star’ (£9.50) represents Victoria, where Aster is the star of the pre and post theatre show. This new cocktail features vanilla vodka infused brulee, milk, double cream and brulee foam. It was like a dessert in a glass – thick, with the vanilla and brulee flavour shining through. It would have made a fantastic end to the evening, but was just as good at the start.

bar in victoria
bar in victoria

The Brixton cocktail, ‘Ziggy Stardust’ (£12), named after the glam alter ego of pop legend David Bowie, was amazing too. There’s a space travel inspired memorial in Brixton which is popular with fans, also inspiring this number. In keeping with this theme, the Ziggy Stardust consisted of pear vodka, sage & white wine syrup, lemon juice, orange and cinnamon foam. It was juicy, with a touch of citrus. The cinnamon foam on top was great too, and all the flavours worked together so well.

The Leicester Square cocktail is named ‘The Tramp‘ (£10.50) after Charlie Chaplin’s most famous onscreen character which he wrote during the silent film era in 1915. This one is created from sloe gin, apricot brandy, lemon and Aster’s maple syrup soda. It was sweet and light, very refreshing and tasty. Really cool with the hat on top too!

bar in victoria

More Cocktails

The ‘Catch me if you can‘ (£12.50), which represents Baker Street, was extremely creative. It was based on the story of Sherlock Holmes, and was served in a pipe, sat atop a treasure chest, and served with a dry ice reaction to make it smoky/mysterious! It looked incredible. With Tanqueray, mezcal, pomegranate and thyme reduction spicy syrup, lemon juice and aperol air, it had a smoky/spicy after taste, but went down a treat.

bar in victoria

Our favourite cocktail on the Aster Adventure menu for creativity had to be the Whitechapel cocktail – ‘Canonical Five'(£12). A tribute to the women killed by Jack the Ripper, it consists of ginger infused bourbon, fennel and anise syrup, green chartreuse citrus and absinthe. The glass arrived with an absinthe soaked napkin attached as a symbol to show how Jack the ripper caught his victims, and a playing card placemat. It was strong, a touch sour, a bit like medicine or a digestif but was very tasty! You could smell the absinthe and aniseed aromas as you drank, which added to flavour experience.


Every single cocktail was so well-thought out, and watching the bartenders create them was mesmerising. They have such skills! Such an amazing cocktail bar in Victoria.

The Food

The bar/drinks menu also has a small selection of bar snacks, including a burger, Flammkuchen (a traditional german-french bread based dish) and sharing platters.

The Gardener Board (£16) was a fantastic sharer. With Smoked & beetroot hummus, sweet & sour aubergine, arancini, goat’s cheese mousse, it had a great selection of different dishes and dips. With thin crispy bread too, and a little fresh bread for dipping, this was great alongside our cocktails. The arancini were tasty, the smoked hummus was delicious, and the goats cheese mousse was delicious.

bar in victoria

For all meat lovers, the Carnivore board (£16) can’t be missed. It consists of Chorizo, fennel salami, duck liver terrine, cooked ham, pickles, and bread and was delightful. The cured meats were awesome and the terrine was really good. Another great sharing board!



We were really impressed by this gorgeous bar in Victoria. It has beautiful setting, good service and amazing cocktails. The limited-edition menu is so creative and well-thought out down to the finest detail.

East London Girl: Bar in Victoria

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