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Restaurant on Southwark Street

Baozilnn has recently opened a brand new restaurant on Southwark Street, not far from Borough Market. It’s got a similar look and feel to the other spots with minimalist interior, prints donning the walls, woods, and leather seats. A bit like a premium canteen but there are some more relaxed tables too, with soft armchairs giving it a slightly more classy feel. We sat in the cutest corner behind a curtain which separated us from the bar.

restaurant on southwark street
restaurant on southwark street

From the moment we stepped inside, the service was fantastic. We were served by Tikaprasad, the Director at the new London Bridge location. We could see the passion and enthusiasm, not just in him but the other team members too. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and Tika was full of recommendations for us from food to wine!

Smaller Plates

The food menu at Baozilnn London Bridge has been created by Chef Lung (who we were fortunate to meet) and is pretty extensive. It features a number of the signature dishes they’re known for, but this new spot focuses on traditional Chinese barbecue. There are a number of different styles, from rice to dry noodles, soups and special hot dishes. Alongside this there are dumplings & wontons and various starters.

The Chengdu Jiaozi (dumplings) with a pork filling (£8.90) were so tasty. The pork and dumpling were super soft and the sauce was slightly spicy and rich, completing this fantastic starter.

restaurant on southwark street

The BaoziInn Signature Big Soup Dumpling with mushroom filling (£6.80) was different. You consume the soup first, and then the dumpling which had a delicious mushroom flavour. The dumpling was a little too soft as it started falling apart in the soup so definitely one to eat quickly.

The Baozilnn Fried Platter (£12.90) comes with Crispy Oyster Mushroom, Fried Home Style Crispy Seaweed in Minced Prawn and Fragrant Sichuan Cumin Prawn Spring Rolls. The Crispy Oyster Mushroom were absolutely fantastic – super salty and delicious. The Fried Home Style Crispy Seaweed in Minced Prawn was superb too – the prawn flavour shining through, and the tempura nice and crispy still. The Fragrant Sichuan Cumin Prawn Spring Rolls completed the set with such a tasty filling!

restaurant on southwark street

Main Meals

The Roast Duck Rice (£13.50) was a favourite. The rice was cooked beautifully, the sauce at the bottom, rich and a tad fruity adding to the flavours of the dish. The duck was tender, flavoursome and the skin was delightful too. Altogether a great dish of combined flavours and textures with the pak choi.

restaurant on southwark street

The BaoziInn Sweet and Sour Pork with Fresh Fruits (£16.90), was slightly crispy, yet soft. It was sweet (not very much on the sour front at all), sticky and absolutely delicious. The fruits, consisting of strawberry, kiwi and another, added a juicier finish. We loved this dish which is definitely one for those with a sweet tooth. 

restaurant on southwark street

The King Prawn in Capital Sauce (£16.90), was another sweet dish. The king prawns were seriously plump and juicy, and the coating was sticky and super tasty. These topped all dishes of the night – we were loving the sweet and sticky dishes this evening. The flavour and texture was just superb!

restaurant on southwark street

It really was quite the feast, leaving no space to even contemplate dessert to finish!

The Drinks

The drinks menu is a pretty standard size and features wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks. We went with a delicious Sauvignon Blanc from Misty Cove (£7.70/175ml or £32.90/bottle) as recommended by Tika. 

restaurant on southwark street

It accompanied our feast very well – a beautiful fresh medium-bodied wine. It was on the light side and very easy drinking. A very good choice and recommendation based on our preferences.


The new restaurant on Southwark Street is a great addition to the Baozilln group, although it is the most expensive. We had a fantastic evening – the service was absolutely fabulous and the atmosphere was chilled yet buzzy. The new food menu is superb. We had such a feast and we won’t be forgetting those prawns anytime soon. Great spot to keep on your radar for if you’re in the London Bridge area – worth travelling for too!

restaurant on southwark street

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