Bistro 1

Bistro 1 is located just a five minute walk from Leicester Square Station, or Piccadilly Circus Station and in the heart of Soho. Nearby to the West End it’s a great spot to grab a pre-theatre meal but if you’re not in a rush this would be a great little place to have a nice (and reasonably priced) dinner. Serving up Mediterranean cuisine to the masses, it was busy when we were in there and we soon found out why. The decor has a Moroccan vibe with the lovely little lights everywhere making it a romantic place to dine.
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The chef prepared a tasting menu so we could have a little taste of everything and we left extremely satisfied! We started with a gorgeous mezze miz of Falafel, Traditional Borek: with feta cheese & mixed herbs, Hummus, Tzatsiki and Kisir (similar to couscous with a tomato sauce) Turkish Spicy Sausages, Prawn Cocktail & Avocado and finally some grilled halloumi.  Wow! What can I say other than it was great and there was loads of it! The Falafel had pickled carrot inside which gave a lovely tangy taste, the dips were all spot on and complimented everything we had. The spicy sausages were flavoursome and packed a punch and the borek was deliciously crispy with a lovely creamy filling.
For our mains we had Sea Bream Fillets, some Chargrilled Lamb Shish Kebab, Chicken Shish Kebab, Lamb Kofte Meatballs and on the side some rice and mixed grilled vegetables. The sea bream was delicious, juicy and well cooked and as it had been lightly floured and fried it had a wonderful crispy outside. The meat was to die for, really good quality and chargrilled to perfection! The sides of rice and veggies were well cooked and I really loved the mushrooms.
For dessert we got to try a trio of the Tiramisu, Bannoffee Pie and Stuffed Apricots. The stuffed apricots weren’t for me but I think that was preference as my friend enjoyed them! The tiramisu was deliciously creamy and had a mild coffee flavour running through. The banoffee pie was amazing, creamy and caramelly – lush!
We were warmly greeted by Patrick, who let us know that all the herbs in the food are grown on his balcony in his flat above the restaurant! Everything is homemade, apart from the ice cream but who has time for that?! And here’s the best part; this place is so reasonable price wise! The lunchtime menu costs just £9.90 for two courses or £11.90 for three and the evening menu costs £14.90 for two courses or £16.90 for three – what a bargain! I’d really recommend this place for it’s lovely staff, great quality food and the even better prices!