Bob’s Cafe

Bob’s café is an all-day bistro located near to Queens Park Station serving up Modern American-French cuisine. There’s an impressive selection of menus including Breakfast/Brunch, Dinner, Prix Fixe, Plat Du Jour, Kids Menu and even a Gluten conscious menu! There’s a great wine list and also apéritifs, beers and hot drinks too. The decor is fresh and modern with plenty of space for each table, we bagged a booth which was cosy and inviting. The staff were immediately really friendly, suggesting their favourite meals and chatting about the restaurant to us. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed with a few families and couples young and old alike enjoying the food.

Bob's Cafe

We started with the Bobs Nachos: melted cheese, roquito peppers, black beans, corn, avocado smash, sour cream, chipotle sauce. They were great! A massive portion of crispy peppery nachos with heaps of beans, peppers, cheese and sauce –  it was heaven! I particularly liked the little roquito peppers which pop in your mouth and fill it full of spiciness!

Bob's Cafe

For our mains we tried the Carolina BBQ Pork Ribs: marinated overnight in an apple spiced bbq sauce & slow roasted until tender & falling off the bone, and the Salmon, Black Sesame & Sushi Rice Salad: avocado, pomegranate, edamame beans. I’ll start with the ribs…wow! If we though the Nachos were a big portion these were huge! Two big slabs of tender ribs, which really did fall off the bone and were packed full of flavour. The quality of the meat was impressive too considering it cost just £14.95. It came with a sweet and creamy coleslaw which complimented the meat perfectly. The rice salad was also seriously impressive, it was beautifully presented and very inviting. The crispy seaweed plus rice plus salmon combo really did make it taste of sushi. The salmon itself was cooked to perfection, chargrilled on top with crispy skin and juicy fat flesh underneath – heaven!

We really enjoyed our trip to Bob’s Cafe so I think it’s safe to say we’ll be back, especially to try out the brunch menu which looks fab! There’s indulgent or healthy options on each menu and the staff will make sure you have a great time. They also have locations in Ealing and Muswell Hill, so if there’s one near you I suggest you go!