Bustronome Fine Dining London Sightseeing Tour

Fine Dining London Sightseeing Tour

My eyes widened with glee when I saw the Bustronome bus at Coach Station 40B by Embankment. I knew I had picked well for the other half’s birthday! Bustronome is a fine dining experience combined with a luxury London Sightseeing Tour. They started off their success in Paris and came to London this summer. These guys are going to be big!

london sightseeing tour london sightseeing tour

The Luxury Bus

The transformation of the bus is amazing. The top floor dining area is absolutely stunning, complete with a glass roof. It is so well thought through, in particular having holders for the drinks to prevent spillages! They haven’t cramped too many tables in and it really looks special.

london sightseeing tour london sightseeing tour

Downstairs is where the magic happens – it is amazing that a fine dining 6 course meal can be served on the bus. To work in such a small space and produce great, beautifully presented food is a huge testament to the staff at Bustronome. Whilst we are talking about staff, I have to give a big thank you to the manager, JD and our waiter, Victor. Both gentlemen were so lovely and friendly and helped sing happy birthday when the final course came out. I just couldn’t resist giving them a hug at the end – the staff can really make the experience!

london sightseeing tour

The Food

We had the six course dinner paired with wine experience (£135pp) departing at 7.15pm and returning at 10pm. On arrival we were presented with a glass of champagne and an appetiser of Aubergine Puree on Toast. This was followed by some delicious bread and butter.

 london sightseeing tour london sightseeing tour

Right, now on to the 6 course dinner! First up we had the Artichoke carpaccio with hazelnuts. This was presented with edible flowers and parmesan which added to the flavours of the dish.

london sightseeing tour

Our second course was an amazing Prawn with Pumpkin Puree. This dish had a great kick to it and the pumpkin tasted slightly curried which was fabulous.  Courses 2 and 3 were paired with Domaine Loizeau Clain Sauvignon Blanc which was light and crisp.

london sightseeing tour

Our third course was Lemon sole fish and chips revisited.  I would have liked the batter on the fish to be slightly crispier but the chips were SO good.

london sightseeing tour

The Breast of Duck, beer sauce and melting celery root was a winner for me. The duck only had a smaller layer of fat and the sauce was delicious. Courses 3 and 4 were paired with a Bourgogne Cote Chalonnaise Pinot Noir which had a fruity aroma and hints of cherry.

london sightseeing tour

The final two courses were Vieuz cheddar, fruit de saison et Porto and Destructured Lemon Pie.  The Lemon Pie was meringue central and just melts in your mouth delicious!

london sightseeing tour london sightseeing tour

The Sights

The lunch time tour is just under 2 hours and dinner is 2 hours 45 minutes. Each guest has an interactive map with the route and pictures of the different sights. You are provided with a magnetic pen and when you click on a spot you can hear the history of the sight.

london sightseeing tour

This is perfect for those who want to learn more about the sights of London and also for those who perhaps just want to listen to the great playlist and concentrate on eating and drinking!

london sightseeing tour london sightseeing tour london sightseeing tour

Some fun London facts we learnt:

  • The Royal Courts of Justice have corridors spanning 35km!
  • It took 33 years to construct St Paul’s
  • The Shard is 310 metres high
  • It takes 90 seconds for Tower Bridge to open fully


This is the best London Sightseeing Tour and gastronomic adventure that you can go on! We were so impressed with the quality of the food given whilst we were on a moving bus and the wine was topped up throughout the journey. We felt very satisfied and impressed with the level of detail and organisation that went into the trip and the lovely staff who made our journey.

It obviously is on the pricey side but you do get value for money so save it for a special occasion. The lunch and tea time menus are cheaper at £60 which is fantastic value. I can’t wait to return in the daylight and see more of the sights!

london sightseeing tour

 East London Girl: Bustronome

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