Cantina Laredo Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant in Covent Garden

Cantina Laredo is a family owned and run restaurant in Covent Garden serving authentic Mexican experience. The emphasis is on bold and intense flavours with simple presentation and high quality ingredients. The restaurant is ideally located only moments away from several West End theatres. The atmosphere is spacious and relaxed with two beautiful bar areas.

Cocktail time

We sampled some of the new Paloma Parlour cocktails! Our favourite was Have a Little Frozen Faith: AquaRiva Reposado, grapefruit, passionfruit and agave nectar. It was absolutely delicious and tasted just like a frozen porn star martini. It is clearly going to be a popular choice!

restaurant in covent garden

We also rated the Paloma’s Raspberry Beret: Ambar Blanco, grapefruit, cucumber and raspberries. Lastly, the Paloma and the Poms: Ambar Blanco grapefruit, pomegranate, vanilla and mint was so fresh.

restaurant in covent garden restaurant in covent garden restaurant in covent garden

Guacamole and Entradas

The dishes at Cantina Laredo are designed to be shared at the table or enjoyed individually. The menu is helpfully split into manageable sections. You just HAVE to order one of the Guacamole’s which are made fresh at your table. It was absolutely DELICIOUS and obviously so fresh. The restaurant was generous with the top up of tortillas which made me very happy.

Our favourite was the Pomelo Paloma Guacamole with pink and white grapefruit, sweet onions, serrano chillies, cucumber and thyme. This came served with CANDIED FIZZ. Yes, this is the same candy popping treat that you would get from the sweet aisle. It is not something that I would normally associate with guacomalole but it totally worked!

restaurant in covent garden

restaurant in covent garden

We shared a number of small dishes (entradas) with the Guacamole:

  • Quesadillas de Pollo: Blue corn tortillas, Oaxaca cheese, marinated chicken with poblano and sweetcorn (£7)
  • Tortas de Carnitas: Pulled pork, tortas, black beans and salsa verde (£6.50)
  • Yellowtail Tiradito: Sashimi yellowtail, lime agua chile with a jicama, cucumber and radish salad(£13)
  • Seabass Ceviche: Seabass, avocado with a cucumber and lime salsa  (£8)

We would definitely recommend the chicken quesadillas which were packed with filling and flavour. Sadly, we were not as impressed by the Yellowtail or the Ceviche. In hindsight, we should have stuck to more typical Mexican dishes.

Taco Time and Platos Fuertes

From the taco menu we had the Tacos de Pork Belly (£10.50) and Tacos de Rib Eye (£13). These tacos were the winning dishes for us at Cantina Laredo. The pork belly was served with a small slither of crackling, which was fantastic. The rib eye was cooked perfectly and the avocado emulsion was a great addition.

restaurant in covent garden restaurant in covent garden

The Platos Fuertes are larger dishes designed to share or eat individually. We had the Fajitas de Arrachera, with grilled skirt steak. This was served with rice, black beans, flour or corn tortillas, guacamole, sour cream and salsa (£19.50). Just like the tacos, the steak was cooked well and the accompaniments to the fajitas were great.

restaurant in covent garden


Cantina Laredo is an impressive Mexican restaurant in Covent Garden. Whilst it is not the cheapest, the quality of the food (in particularly the tacos) is worth it. To save some pounds, try and catch a lunchtime or early bird special.

They also offer a 4 course weekend brunch and free flowing drinks for £50pp and free flowing Fridays where prosecco margaritas, wine or beer is only £25 per head!

East London Girl: Cantina Laredo

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