Mexican Restaurant in London 

Since visiting Mexico last year, I have become a little more fussy when it comes to eating at a Mexican restaurant in London! Luckily, Corazon lived up to its consistently positive reviews and the food and cocktails were fantastic.

Tucked in just off of Oxford Street, Corzaon offers diners a great choice of Mexican dishes for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch served ‘on the counter’ or on tables.

The smaller plates

Corazon has a simple menu split into Botanas (snacks), Tostadas, signature Tacos, and larger Platos Mayores (big plates). There are plenty of great dishes to choose from without over complicating things.

It was a no brainer to begin with Totopos, Guacamole & Salsas with toasted arbol chile salsa, xni pec. They reminded me of being in Mexico as you can just taste how everything is homemade.

mexican restaurant in London

These were followed by Carnitas Tacos– slow cooked pork belly & collar, in a marinade of o.j., Mexican oregano, cinnamon & garlic, served with crispy pork skin, pickled jalapeno & salsa verde.  These tacos were absolutely perfect (not fatty) and the highlight of the dinner.

We also had the Barbacoa Tacos –– lamb shoulder & liver rubbed in housemade adobo, wrapped in banana leaf. They are cooked for 7 hours and served with salsa borracha & lambs lettuce. The salsa was fantastic and so moreish.

mexican restaurant in London

Large Plates

From the large plates we had the Carne Asada Plate marinated, grilled hanger steak, guacamole, grilled spring onions, pickled onions, salsa ranchera, blue corn tortillas. The meat was well cooked and flavoursome and just ask for more tortillas if you need them.

mexican restaurant in London

Lastly, on the side we had Amotes -whipped sweet potato, jalapeno mojo, queso fresco. We also tucked into the Drunken Black Beans with bacon, booze, crema & coriander.

If you are looking for a quicker lunch or dinner, Corazon have a fantastic offer for on the counter dining. You can get totopos and 2 salsas and 2 tacos for only £9.50!

The cocktails 

As expected, the cocktail menu revolves around Tequilla and Mezcal, the speciality liquors of Mexico. Corazon make their own signature margarita mix from scratch. Every morning they prepare fresh aguas frescas, horchata and sangrita!

mexican restaurant in London

In summary

One of Corazon’s motto’s is “full belly, happy heart” and that is exactly what we left with. Definitely worth a visit to this lovely Mexican restaurant in London for some fantastic food and punchy cocktails!

East London Girl: Corazon

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