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Bar Hercules is a cocktial bar in Soho that has been reborn as a very cool cocktail pub! There is some serious mood lighting going with dark interiors anda 1920s-esque feel to it. There is a small amount of seating, mainly cosy bar stools and a couple of booths.

The Concept

The concept behind this cool cocktail bar in Soho is that their cocktails are made up and bottled in their lab (yes lab!) downstairs behind the scenes. Staff are therefore able to carbonate the mixtures and serve up the cocktails in no time at all. No longer do you have to wait twenty minutes for a couple of cocktails to be made!

Now when you hear pre-bottled I am sure you think that sounds rubbish. However let me assure you that these cocktails are really great. Also, they really do pack a punch! The lab downstairs where the cocktails are tested and created is full of impressive equipment including dehumidifiers and centrifuges. Cocktail wizardry occurs in this little room! It was fascinating to see how it all worked and the menu reflects this quirky cocktail magic. There are some twists on a few classics but also some creative and unique signature cocktails.

The Cocktails

First up we tried the Madame Geisha: gin, shiso, eucalyptus, cucumber, sparking wine (£11). Served in a champagne flute it was bubbly, refreshing and the shiso with the cucumber was perfection.  Next up was Boys To The Yard: gin, strawberry, quinine, cedar wood (£11). Served long with a huge ice chunk – imported from Canada might I add! The strawberry is reduced and centrifuged so the whole drink has a pink glow. It was like a very tasty strawberry gin and tonic.

bar in soho

After that was London Fields: Minted rum, kiwi, sour lime, peat (£12). The main taste coming through was mint and then a hint of kiwi. At first it was confusing but I really enjoyed it after the fist couple of sips.  Our last cocktail was the Dumpling Ground: dumpling vodka, hoi sin, sake (£12). The vodka is infused with chicken dumplings giving a subtle meaty flavour. It was a slightly odd concotation but with the hoi sin and sake, it was delicious!

bar in soho bar in soho


This cocktail bar in Soho has creative minds which make fantastic cocktails. The staff are also so friendly – shout out to Laura who was our host for the evening!

East London Girl: Bar Hercules

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