Indian Accent Restaurant in Mayfair

Indian Accent

Restaurant in Mayfair

Saturday morning brunch is always a good idea! We headed to a lovely restaurant in Mayfair  to check out the new brunch menu by Indian Accent.  With branches in New York and New Delhi, chef Manish Mehrotra’s Indian Accent serves a progressive take on Indian cuisine   The interior – rich wood panels, velvet chairs and low lighting offered a comfortable welcome and the staff are friendly and charming.  The menu was explained by our incredibly well versed waiter who knew every dish inside out.  We opted for the sharing brunch feast at £40pp.

restaurant in Mayfair


Indian Accent have a beautifully stocked bar and cocktail menu with clever Indian twists and flavours. The brunch cocktail Ceylon bellini (£13) was my first choice – champagne, amontillado sherry and Ceylon.  It was light but not too sweet thanks to the sherry being fairly dry– a perfect afternoon cocktail.  The Proper Copper (£13) served in a copper mug topped with freeze dried rose petals was so good we had two!  Kaffir Lime Leaf infused vodka, honey and rose blossom water made for a fabulously balanced combination of sharp and sweet flavours.

restaurant in Mayfair restaurant in Mayfair


Green pea bhel with crispy rice was deliciously crunchy. The burrata with fenugreek papdi and tomatoes was creamy, rich and worked surprisingly well with the traditional fenugreek crackers.

restaurant in Mayfair

The chilli crab cheese toast, summer cucumber pickle and tamarind ketchup was especially good.  Topped with caviar and bursting with freshness this is no ordinary cheese toast dish.

restaurant in Mayfair


The parsi “salli per eedu” was a real favourite. It ticked the many boxes of a good brunch dish with fried egg sat atop crispy tubes of fried potatoes and tangy chutneys. The tawa paneer khurchan, roti pancakes and chutney were served in the style of traditional duck pancakes so we got stuck in rolling our own paneer, cucumber and chutney stuffed rotis.

restaurant in Mayfair

restaurant in Mayfair

We also had a salmon dish with dill and chutney potaotes. This was ideal should you fancy a less spiced option.  The black dairy dal (£5 extra accompaniment) also deserves a real mention. It was rich, creamy and tasted as though it had been simmered for hours.  It is always pleasing to see a place get the basics so deliciously spot on.

restaurant in Mayfair


The makhan malai, saffron milk, rose petal jiggery brittle, almonds was an absolute favourite.  Highly aerated and whipped, with earthy sweet jaggery and gold leaf this was a very light yet incredibly decadent finish.  The aamras, mangoes, cardamom and summer berries was a sumptuously fruity number.  The mango sauce was sweet, sticky and had a depth of flavour akin to proper Indian mangoes.

restaurant in Mayfair


Indian Accent restaurant in Mayfair  is all about elevated Indian food with unique twists in a chic space. The menu offers unusual takes on traditional dishes without sacrificing the integrity of Indian food done well.  It is a great spot for a brunch treat – at £40pp it is a little on the pricier side but this does include 3 starters, 3 mains and 2 desserts.  Alternatively you can order 2 dishes for a reasonable £25 – a great spot for a unique brunch outing that gets our stamp of approval!

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