London Lockdown Sweet Treats

Looking for things to cheer you up during lockdown? Have a look at this list of London Lockdown sweet treats to help ease you through this abnormal time!

London Lockdown Sweet Treats

My Cookie Dough are selling DIY kits #BakeItYourself kits where you can bake, create and decorate at home! The special edition pack comes with 5 chilled, unbaked cookie dough bases, plus all sauces and toppings for the cookies. Price: £20 including delivery.

A Pie Party have had to stop selling their amazing products from local London markets. Not to fear, they are instead offering UK delivery (Claire has made people outside London very happy)! Pie wise you can get your hands on Biscoff Brownie, Berry Crumble, Peanut Butter Blondie and Bourbon Pecan as well as cookies, rocky road bricks and brownies. Prices from £18.

london lockdown sweet treats

Bad Brownie are your go to for a brownie fix. In their words, they put their gourmet brownies through brownie bootcamp to create the fudgiest, gooiest, tastiest and most decadent brownies they can. Their 24 bite box with 6 different flavours (Oreo Cookie Dough, Orange Bakewell, Salted Caramel, Triple Choc, Ferrero and Peanut Butter) is a winner. They also have vegan and GF brownies. Prices from £14.50.

london lockdown sweet treats

Chin Chin Ice Cream are offering their griddled cookie dough starter kit and a hot chocolate starter kit and marshmallow fluff! Prices from £5.95.

Jacks Bakery are fulfilling your fudge dreams with the BEST flavours: Mini Egg, Smarties, Bounty, Oreo, Jammie Dodger, Creme Egg, Crunchie, Daim and Twix. If fudge isn’t your thing, Jack also sells Cake Jars and Cookies! Prices from £5.

london lockdown sweet treats

Dominique Ansel was named the World’s Best Pastry Chef of 2017 and you can certainly see why (he created the cronut after all!). Salted Caramel Chocolate Éclair, Dark Chocolate Éclair, Pistachio & Rose Bostock, Cookies, Brownies, Canelé and Cronuts are all available. Prices from £4.50

Creme is a New York inspired dessert shop that puts a French twist on American classics. They are known for their mega cookies that are soft, warm and gooey! They have 4 flavours – Milk Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Miso & White Chocolate, Banana Dark Chocolate. Prices from £22.

Shuk are selling a Chocolate, Hazelnut & Cookie Crumb DIY Babka Kit. They have done the messy bit with the mixer so all you need to do is roll the dough, add the toppings, shape, prove and bake it! Priced at £20 including delivery.

Cake or Death offer gooey and indulgent vegan brownies UK wide (most are also GF). I literally cannot believe they were vegan – they are absolutely amazing. Some of the best brownies ever. Flavours include chocolate with sea salt, biscoff, peanut butter and walnut blondies. Prices from £15.

london lockdown sweet treats

Bottle Bar & Shop offer their sweet (and not so sweet if you prefer!) bottled cocktails lovingly made in house. Their selection includes Cosmopolitan, Passion Fruit Daiquiri and Lychee Martini. Prices from £17 including delivery.

london lockdown sweet treats

East London Girl: London Lockdown Sweet Treats

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