Mexican restaurant in Shoreditch

Lupita is a fun and friendly Mexican restaurant in Shoreditch serving up a varied menu of delicious Mexican cuisine. The decor is typically Mexican with bright colours and there is plenty of space to seat bigger parties. Latin music sets the scene and you can see into the busy kitchen with a lot of avocados piled up on the side! 

Smaller Plates

We started with the Guacamole Artesenal (£11.50) which is prepared freshly at your table. This is a real treat seeing it being made from scratch! The guacamole is customised to your taste (pretty cool!) and served with plenty of delicious tortilla chips. We chose how much onion, tomato and coriander was added and the finished product was so tasty.

mexican restaurant in shoreditch

Next up we tried the Vegan Green-go taco: with battered asparagus, roasted aubergine, avocado, pico and sweet potato puree (£7 for two). These were packed full of flavour and we loved the option to choose the type of tortilla. We opted for corn which complimented the sweet potato paste filling which was smooth and tasty. You can also add cheese (inc vegan) to any of the tacos.

mexican restaurant in shoreditch
mexican restaurant in shoreditch

Larger Plates

We also had a Chicken Tinga Quesadilla: with cheese, shredded chicken in a tomato sauce with chipotle chilli, sliced onions and a secret blend of spices (£6). I’m not sure what was in their secret spices but it made the perfect combination! The balance of flavour and spice was on point and we loved the kick of the chilli. 

mexican restaurant in shoreditch

Finally we had the Beef Steak Burrito: stuffed with rice, frijoles charros with bacon, cheese and lettuce (£10.50). The amount of steak in this burrito was insane – it was so packed! The steak was tender and was a delicious combination with the rice, beans and lettuce. The burrito stole the show for us!

mexican restaurant in shoreditch


Lupita is a great Mexican restaurant in Shoreditch serving authentic and delicious food. We were well looked after by the staff and loved the atmosphere of the restaurant. The menu is varied and it is great to see that you can ‘vegan up’ the vegetarian options with vegan cheese! The prices are affordable and are a bargain for the quality of dishes you receive.

East London Girl: Lupita

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