Maison Du Mezze

Restaurant in Leicester Square

Maison du Mezze restaurant in Leicester Square  is a surprisingly pleasant venue in a great location. They have a vast menu of Lebanese food and drinks, all of a great quality. The décor is beautiful and you really feel like you are stepping out of London when you walk through the doors. The hubbub of the outside is drowned out by some decent soundproofing and authentic Lebanese music.

restaurant in leicester square restaurant in leicester square

The Food

From the Mezze menu we had the Makdous: baby aubergines stuffed with walnuts, herb and garlic marinated in olive oil and lemon (£9) and the Loubieh Bil Zait: French green beans slow cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic in olive oil (£8.25). Both dishes were so delicious. The baby aubergines had a slightly pickled taste which was really refreshing and the addition of the walnuts gave a great texture. The beans were so full of flavour and soft in texture because of the slow cooking and we loved the undertone of the cloves used in the simmering process.

restaurant in leicester square restaurant in leicester square

For a refreshing side we chose the Lebanese salad (£6.75) which was full of colour and flavour! It was dressed in a delicious olive oil and herb dressing which complimented the freshness of the salad.

restaurant in leicester square

From the seafood menu we tried the Grilled Sea Bass (£22) accompanied by some Grilled Vegetables (£5.75). This was what stole the show for us! The seabass was a huge portion, such good value for money, and cooked to absolute perfection. With no sauce or seasoning (which it certainly didn’t need) the natural beauty of the fish really shone through. The veggies were all cooked perfectly and smothered in garlic – heaven. As usual we stuffed ourselves too much to fit in dessert but there were plenty of authentic Lebanese desert options to choose from.

restaurant in leicester square restaurant in leicester square

In Summary

An unexpected gem in a very central location! Not at all a tacky tourist spot but rather a well-executed attractive restaurant with really decent service and food. We would highly recommend if you are in the area, especially for the vast vegan and veggie options.

East London Girl: Maison Du Mezze

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