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Chinese Restaurant in Southwark

Being a big fan of Chinese food, we were super excited to visit this laid-back and welcoming chinese restaurant in Southwark. Our first impressions were great as we were greeted by a very friendly member of staff who talked through the menu and gave suggestions on what to order. You could tell she was very passionate about the food and really wanted to show off what this place had to offer us!

chinese restaurant in southwark

Our Chinese Feast!

We opted for a few different dishes to try and we blown away by each and every one of them! We were served with some Handmade pork dumplings (£5.50) to begin. The batter was just perfect and the filling was so delicious. They were served with chilli oil and coriander and a small side of fiery spicy sauce to dip which was amazing.

chinese restaurant in southwark

We then tucked into the following dishes:

  • Beef Noodle Soup: Beef shin, Sichuan Peppercorn, Dark beef broth (£8.50)
  • Golden Honey and Spice Roasted Chicken: Corm fed chicken, curry spices with a honey glaze (£7.00 for 3 pieces)
  • Green Curry Roasted Chicken: Green chilies, Chicken thigh, Seasonal Vegetables (£7.50)
  • Twice Cooked Pork: Pork Belly, Leak, Peppers (£7.50)
  • Bone Marrow Fried Rice: Roasted Bone Marrow, Peppers, Wild Rice (£8.00)

The Dishes!

The dishes were outstanding. The Beef Noodle Soup was astonishingly tender and the beef was literally melt in your mouth! The texture of the soft beef was a great compliment to the thick noodles that accompanied this dish.

The honey glazed chicken was succulent and had a fabulously sweet crispiness to its skin. The Green Curry Roasted Chicken was some of the most succulent chicken we have tasted. The chef is very clever with this dish because the chicken is clearly baked/boiled not fried, but the skin has the effect, crispiness and texture of fried chicken. So really you have best of both worlds here! The flavour of the green curry was beautiful and was a super enjoyable dish.

chinese restaurant in southwark

We absolutely loved the pork too – I mean who doesn’t love a bit of pork belly?! Our favourite was the Bone Marrow Fried Rice which was AMAZING. It was so soft and full of flavour, and the wild rice was to die for! This dish was a complete pleasure for the taste buds.

chinese restaurant in southwark


We loved their enthusiasm and passion to create incredibly beautiful meals and the word is spreading about how good this restaurant is. We were replenished with complimentary fresh juices and jasmine teas throughout the meal. It is little touches like that which will make people come back time and again.

Whoever has said you can’t have a good but cheap meal in London is now proved wrong! We recommend ordering a couple of dishes and sharing the love! We absolutely loved this gem of a Chinese restaurant in Southwark.

East London Girl: Num Num

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