Obicà Mozzarella Bar is a well-established chain of Italian restaurants which span across Italy, the UK, the US and Japan.

Serving up fresh Mozzarella di Bufala with each of their modern twists on Napoli classics, Obicà have recently ventured into the world of brunches…Italian of course and we visited the South Kensington branch to try their new dishes.


We started with a very attractive looking (and much needed) Cappuccino which was just as tasty as it looked…and it came with a mini choc ice! 



For our food we tried the Salmone: crostini with smoked salmon, mozzarella di bufala, avocado, herb ricotta & poached eggs and the Prosciutto Cotto Arrosto: crostini with roasted ham, stracciatella di burrata, roasted marinated artichokes & scrambled eggs. Both were full of flavour, the eggs were perfect and the very crunchy crostini were so tasty – watch your teeth though!

We just had to try the Degustazione Frittelle: a tasting of all 3 Frittelle, little sugared donuts with toppings, all with fresh ricotta di bufala, one with chocolate chips, one with honey & orange and one with mixed berries. Frittelle are delicious and they did not disappoint – they were fresh, warm, soft and each topping was so delicious. 


The main dishes cost between £10 and £13 and the Frittelle cost £4 for 2 pieces or £5.50 for a sample of all three. The ‘Brunch Experince’ at Obica costs just £22 for the classic which includes a main, a small salad, Frittelle, juices and unlimited filter coffee or tea. Or, for £29 you can go premium and swap the juice for a cocktail. It’s an indulgent but delicious brunch experience and I’d definitely recommend it – especially post hangover!