Brazilian Barbecue in St Paul’s

Omnino Brazilian Barbecue in St Paul’s serves up mountains of meat carefully delivered and sliced at your table in such a gorgeous setting.

The restaurant features dark red leather seats and booths, hanging lights and an open kitchen. We loved the exposed brickwork and artwork on the walls. It felt very minimalist yet suave, and was actually pretty quiet on the Saturday evening we visited.

Brazilian barbecue in st paul's

Service was friendly and very efficient – it really was superb. The team clearly explained how it all worked, the menu that day, and gave recommendations for drinks too. We felt very welcomed and at home in our comfortable booth with enough space to spread out a little – exactly what you need for an experience like this.

Brazilian barbecue in st paul's

The Drinks

The wine list is one of the most extensive we have seen. The wine cellar at Omnino has approx 120 different merlots and that’s just one type of  grape! Luckily, the team helped with picking a beautiful Pinot Noir from Chile ( ‘Nostros’ Reserva, £25.50/bottle), which was very smooth and complimented the meats well. 

The prosecco was a great fizz (£7.50/glass) and light and refreshing to accompany the tapas. We also finished with a small glass of malbec port to accompany our dessert. It’s a red dessert wine, sweet and potent and was absolutely delicious.

Brazilian barbecue in st paul's

The Tapas Sides

The Brazilian barbecue dinner menu comes with 12 types of meat and 10 sides/tapas (£38.95pp). The tapas dishes change every fortnight – Chef Eduardo Barsotti likes to shake things up to show the diversity of the dishes from different regions of Brazil. The tapas when we visited were all delicious in their own right

The garlic bread had a crunchy crust, soft middle and had just the right amount of garlic to it. Garlic bread is always a winner of a side to any meal, even if not typically Brazilian. The tomato and onion salad was juicy and fresh, whilst the coleslaw-style dish was creamy and crunchy. Both with lots of flavour. These were great accompaniments to the more rich meats.

Brazilian barbecue in st paul's
Brazilian barbecue in st paul's

The stranganoff was pretty creamy and tasty. and is always welcomed alongside rich meats. The cauliflower cheese had roasted cauliflower atop a thick cheese sauce. It wasn’t overly rich, but was creamy. The cauliflower was a fab texture – just a la dente. This was our favourite of the sides for sure. The toasted polenta sandwich, filled with cheese and cured meat, was absolutely delicious too. Plenty of flavour to eat alone or even paired with more meat. 

Brazilian barbecue in st paul's
Brazilian barbecue in st paul's

As you could order the tapas again if you needed more (it’s an unlimited barbecue) we doubled up on these last two dishes.

The Meat!

The 12 types of meat come as and when, served straight to your table. The chef will either carve slithers of meat or pop over to deliver individual portions. There’s lots of red meat, but also chicken wings and sausage!

The chicken wings were so tender, juicy and packed with flavour. They were beautifully grilled and one of the highlights. There was a beef with a sweetcorn topping which was succulent and the sweetcorn added a delicious sweet touch. 

Brazilian barbecue in st paul's
Brazilian barbecue in st paul's

The steak with cheese which was carved at our table was definitely a favourite, as was the spicy spiral sausage which was sliced and served last. However every meat was superb in its own way -and there was plenty of it! You can even order more of your favourite meats too if you have space. 

Brazilian barbecue in st paul's
Brazilian barbecue in st paul's

We managed to just squeeze in the crepe with dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream. The ice cream was so creamy, and the dulce de leche was dreamy! We were glad we managed to share this one to finish off with our Merlot port. 


This Brazilian barbecue in St Paul’s is a fantastic spot for an all-you-can-eat meat feast! The food was fantastic, as were the drinks (and there were plenty of wine options too!). The service was great and the atmosphere was chilled yet pretty sophisticated. Whilst it does fall on the higher end of what we would pay for something like this, it’s well worth it. Just go hungry.

East London Girl: Omnino

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